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retrowire's Journal
retrowire's Journal
September 11, 2015

9/11 Remembrance Thread.

Where were you when those towers fell?

Since we are never to forget that day, this day should be one of sharing, healing and reverence for the victims and the heroes of that day.

So here's my simple story.

I was in homeroom class, middle school, 13 years old. Of course it was just like any other day.

The students were fooling around, it was just homeroom after all, its where we began our school day. The real classes were after that.

Our teacher, who's name I don't remember usually just sat at his desk and prepared for his own classes to come after but today, another faculty member came into the class and asked him to meet her in the hall.

There was a sense of urgency in her demeanor. Everyone in the class noticed it. We were just kids but for a moment, we all shut up and stopped horsing around.

He left the class. We were unattended for a moment. That was weird at that age.

After a few minutes he came back in and had some words for us. Words I'll never forget.

"Class, you'll all be going home early with your parents today. Something has occurred that led our school to the decision that history is happening today, and it would be far more beneficial to your education to witness what is happening."

"So we're going to stay in homeroom until your parents come to pick you up. And we're going to watch the news."

So they wheeled in the TV cart, set it up and switched the channel to CNN.

And we saw the first tower burning. Soon after we saw the replay of the first plane hitting over and over. The journalists on TV were trying to make sense of it when suddenly, the second plane hit.

And immediately the suspicion turned to the knowledge that America was being attacked.

I saw people jumping out of the windows of the towers, people running through the streets covered in ash. I saw a famous skyline with smoke rising from it.

I was shaken. My other immature classmates didn't know how to react. They exclaimed things like "Ohhh!!! They bombed us! Oh snap!"

I ignored them, I was always a pretty mature youngster, I could grasp the weight of this. People were dying. This was no time for such commotion.

I remember the newspaper that was printed that day. I didn't even know they could print a paper in the middle of the day. It had a giant American flag printed on one whole sheet.

I still have that paper somewhere today.

It was the first day in my life I realized that not everyone likes America. And that we could have enemies. We could be vulnerable.

It truly was more educational than school.

September 11, 2015

Oh look, another article that heavily implies Biden would be a good candidate

Even though the man keeps clearly stating he doesn't feel like it and is going through a really hard time regarding his sons death.

Can the media leave him alone?

Remember people, be wary when the media chooses a presidential favorite for you and that man isn't even running...


Hate that headline, no, his visit does not "smack" of a presidential campaign. He's just walking around doing his damn job.

The man could FART and they would write the article saying "This is how a PRESIDENT BIDEN would fart!"

September 11, 2015

So who else is for ending Internet Anonymity? Not me! UPDATED.

It happens way too often these days. We're in a new era, and technology moves so fast that our laws can't keep up with it.

People use their anonymity on the internet as a means to cloak themselves and attack people in reality. They can hide and do things that in public, they ordinarily wouldn't do for fear of the real life consequences that would come to them.

Swatting, Cyber-Bullying, Cyber-Stalking, all of that, could be easily ended and/or curbed if people weren't allowed to use the net without showing their true identities.

Every time you'd walk up to a computer or use a device, you'd swipe your ID if it's in public, or type in your very own SSN in order to open your browser. Something could be created.

But either way, in light of the recent events regarding Bravenak, I thought this political and societal topic would be of interest and worth talking about.

What do you think?

UPDATED: So as soon as I started this topic, I learned as fast as possible that it was actually a premature and kind of stupid idea. So many users have enlightened me on why Internet Anonymity protects us more than it hurts and so I'm grateful for bringing this up. Now I know!

September 10, 2015

Thinking about leaving the DU?


So things are getting heated. There's a lot of things going on right now. It's primary season, the world is falling apart, etc...

But here's the thing, politics are all about making decisions, wise ones. And you don't make the best decisions in an echo chamber, that's why the people on capital hill are so out of touch with the rest of us, they only see each other and the 1%.

so stay, learn, teach and fight.

You feel that DU is filling up with members who are alert stalking others? Stay, fight, find a solution with the admins. You leave, the problem will just get worse.

Hillary supporters, you're upset that this is feeling like Bernie Underground? You can either accept that the majority of your party is following Bernie on DU or if you're so sure that Hillary is the best choice for president you should stay, learn, teach and fight.

Again, this is politics. We will only find our best decisions through debate, disagreement and resolution.

So if this kitchen is too hot then go ahead and take a break, but remember that all voices are necessary for a democracy to work. Stay and fight. Don't weaken our party by leaving. You, and all of us are our greatest strength.

Thank you.

September 10, 2015

what the hell is going on?

I just heard at the same time that bravenak was mailed something and 1SBM has been banned?

can someone bring me up to speed?

September 9, 2015

Fellow North Carolinians! How do I register to vote?

Okay, so I know how, I've got the forms and everything.

Thing is, I want to vote for Bernie in our state, but I'm not sure if I want to register to be Democrat, can I register as an Independent and still vote Bernie?

I'm still totally cool with registering Democrat to vote for Bernie if I have to though. Please help, I'm finding what I read kind of confusing.

September 9, 2015

Why you should probably be skeptical of Biden.

First let me say that I like Biden, I think he's nice! But there’s 2 things that need to be noticed here.

The media, which is controlled by a handful of those at the top are actively ignoring Bernie. When Bernie releases an action plan or talks about the issues, they’ll mention that moment where he was asked about Hillary. Meanwhile, the media drowns that out with the hope, the MENTION of Biden POSSIBLY running.

Meanwhile with Hillary they only want to talk about emails, with Trump they want to kiss his shoes, then there's all the other crap that barely matters.

Perhaps we should start questioning some things when the media seems to pick a favorite for us, even if he's not running. Why? Why do they want to coax Biden into something that even he doesn't seem interested in?

Think really hard about why that might be.

There was an article released on labor day about Biden giving a speech. He gave a speech because it was labor day and because he's Vice President. But that article, and so many others like it kept alluding to the idea that this is what a Biden presidency would look like!


No it isn't, he was just giving a speech on labor day. This is from the Reuters article, "When a worker shouted "Biden for president," Biden dodged the issue. "No... You've got to talk to my wife about that. I've got to talk to my wife about that," he said."

He has even basically endorsed Bernie Sanders on 2 occasions now, saying that Bernie's doing a heck of a job and actively telling Bernie supporters to vote for Bernie! He's actively encouraging the system to continue onward. To me, it even seems he wants to be left alone about it.

If he decides to run, more power to him, but just remember who kept nagging him to do it and who kept dangling the idea of him as president in your face. And then ask yourself, why.

September 8, 2015

Bernie's in North Carolina this coming Sunday!


Finally! Let's show Bernie some North Carolinian hospitality! Woohoo!!

Tell your friends, tell everyone! It's in Greensboro at the Greensboro coliseum! let's pack those seats!

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