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retrowire's Journal
retrowire's Journal
January 31, 2017

Ugh just deleted 2 pages worth of material in my novel.

Backtracking sucks.

And I always do this. I always try to fill every blank and make my stories overly complicated. I'm not Tolkien so I need to chill the fuck out.

January 27, 2017


Some of you know me!

Some of you might not!

But I just feel like yelling from the hilltops today.


Back when I first joined this party, thanks to the inspiration that was Bernie Fucking Sanders, I was on a mission to get Bernie's platform in the White House. That's all that mattered.

I volunteered in a political movement for the first time ever, I made friends, I found allies and honestly learned a bit more about myself.

But when we (Bernie Supporters) lost the primaries, sure I can admit it was my first taste of political defeat. I was angry, nearly disenchanted with the whole thing. But not sad.

I got back up and accepted Hillary. Then we lost that too.

But you know what? I'm still not defeated. In fact, I'm proud!

What better way to feel when I know that I am aligned with the group that wants equal rights for many? I am aligned with a party of compassion and bravery, not one of fear and selfishness!

What more to be proud of! I am grateful! I am for women's rights, for people of color and any gender or sexual orientation. I am open minded! I am not reserved into a cold shell of safety. I am outside the comfort zones of conservatism.

I don't need to repress others to empower myself. I don't feel super threatened if anyone doesn't acknowledge a certain religion.

When I checked the box for "Democrat" that fateful day, I knew I was ready to vote. But I didn't expect that I was ready for what has become an allegiance of like minded people with one common goal. An America for all. No one excluded just because we disagree with their values!

I'm just so grateful that when I first became politically enlightened, thanks again to Bernie, I did a google search for "Democratic Forum" and I came across all of you.

And what a wondrous bunch you all are. Excluding those trolls we all know and loathe, I want to give each and everyone of you a big ol' blue democratic hug.

And I will never forget the kindness this community has for one another. We see real people through these computer monitors. We care when others are sick or in need of help.

Hell, in my very own case, in the Christmas of 2015, my father and mother in law were in danger of getting their power shut off in the dead of winter, this would have rendered my father in law in a life risking situation. But I came to my friends at DU and I asked for help.

One of the first replies was, "Have you set up a donation site?"

I hadn't even considered that, but then I did. And within a week or two I can barely remember, you all raised over 5,000 for my family. I love you, I love you, I love you. Whenever I lose faith in humanity, I should always take a moment to remember the generosity shown to my family by strangers that owed us nothing.

You owed us nothing but you gave my father in law the safety to live warmly that holiday season.

And it didn't stop there. Right now even, we took in two abandoned puppies just so they could have another chance. But lacking the money ourselves we thought we'd ask for help again. And what did this Democratic Forum do? They went above and beyond. Just LOOK AT THIS: https://www.youcaring.com/twostraypuppies-739496

But enough of that. I'm just in the mood of gratitude and celebration for you. I've learned so much here. I've become so much here. I see a family here more than a community.

So look at me, true blue! Glad I became a Democrat. Glad I know where I stand. Glad I'm standing with the good and the selfless, the brave and the caring, the humble and the kind.

January 25, 2017

Retro Rants Against Words. Today's word: "Sure"

Retro Rants Against Words.


Hello and welcome to the first rant of what I think will be many against the words and phrases used in today's world.

Maybe I’m neurotic. Maybe I just think about it too hard and maybe… Just maybe I’m too crazy to be around other people but I want to see if you ever get bothered by some of the social techniques abound these days. Are you ready?


What do you mean “Sure”? That didn't really come across as fully committed. You gotta get off the casual couch with this, so are you “sure sure”? like, really sure?


Okay then. Still not feeling it. See, that's the problem with the word “sure” it's always casual, partial, never takes itself too seriously.

When I ask someone if they're going to meet me at the bowling alley and they say “sure.” I’m under the impression that I might be bowling alone that night, who's to say?

If I ask if I can have a meeting with my boss and they reply, “Sure.” I honestly think something is going down.

“Sure” just can't be trusted!

That is, unless you partner it with it’s rock solid noun buddy, “thing”.

“Sure thing.” Sounds a lot more concrete. This duo got off the couch, put their hands on their hips and said “let's do this shit.” Of course this phrase can be inundated with sarcasm too, any phrase can. But this pair is a lot more trustworthy.

It's like “Thing” showed up to “Sure’s” apartment and said “put down the bong, we got shit to do.” and “Sure” got the kick in the pants that he’s always needed in life to get the fuck up and get it done.

See, even if someone were to yell “Sure!” with a thumbs up and a smile, it still comes off as half hearted and sarcastic. Oh! and then there's “For sure.” The word “For” is “Sure's” more active and talkative couch buddy. He's the word that doesn't mind that “Sure” just broke the puff puff pass rule again for the hundredth time. “For” is “Sure's” more laid back couch buddy. But at least he can be sincere sometimes. He’s not as high as “Sure” is so he’s more likely to help you move that refrigerator.

“Sure” is sly and relaxed. But here's the funny thing about words. “Sure” and it's lackadaisical self suddenly become extremely pertinent when used in a request. “Are you sure” that you weren't drinking sir? “Are you sure” that you don't want fries with that ma'am? It's like “Sure” is this selfish moocher that only takes things seriously when it comes to him getting what he wants. But when it's time for you to ask a favor of “Sure”? He’ll always reply, “Sure.”

I just can't trust “Sure”. Maybe it's just me, maybe not but I can guarantee that it's a “sure thing” that I’ll be confused anytime someone says “Sure” on it's own.

The end.

January 24, 2017

Fuck it! Here's a sneak preview of the mystery/suspense novel I've been working on

A novel inspired by the Twilight Zone, my own childhood and various young adult literature, I give you...

The first 3 chapters of the tentatively titled, Serling High School.

I'm doing this because well, I need the motivation. I need feedback. I haven't worked on this in months and that's bad. It has over 8 chapters at this point but, I'm only letting out the first 3 today so I can see where this is going.


Take a break from the twilight zone of politics for a moment and see if my writing takes you anywhere you like.

Thanks for reading. OH GOD IM NERVOUS

January 22, 2017

Hey! In 2020, when the next Democrat is running...

Can they PLEASE make a slogan dealing with the term "20/20 hindsight"?

Because It'd be a great campaign to say, "Look back at those 4 years of Trump. Yeah, we're not doing that again."

January 22, 2017

Alright, that's fucking it. What is in my family's legal rights to do something about an insane ex?

What if I told you, that there is a person who was previously dating my niece. He turned out to be a piece of shit. They only dated for about a month.

My brother in law, her father, died in a tragic car accident 3 months ago. (essential to the story.)

This piece of shit that my niece just broke up with is a fucking nutbar who thinks it's appropriate to message her and us family members on social media about how he wants her back and how he keeps having this "recurring nightmare" where he sees her dad MY BROTHER IN LAW, DYING IN THE FUCKING CAR ACCIDENT and is BEGGING for the piece of shit to not save him but SAVE HER, "SAVE MY DAUGHTER".


He's a piece of shit that got fired from a police department, lives with his mom, has no job, leeched off of my niece for a their entire relationship, etc...

I never thought I could know someone so fucking offensive and stupid.

She cut it off with him after witnessing this 25 yr old kid get in a screaming match with his mother, then threaten to go get drunk and die in a car accident. Nice. Very appropriate to say in front of my niece that lost her father in a car accident. Good work you grade A shit bag.

My niece was sitting in her dad's chair once, crying in front of his fucking URN and this kid had the nerve to go up to her and say, "I feel like you're making this all about you.

So now that it's all broken up, he's messaging my mom, her mom, her cousins, and my wife.


like... who the fuck says that? "Your dad that died 3 months ago? I saw him in my dream dying and like, he told me to save you. So... we totally shouldn't break up." WHO THE FUCK DOES THAT

ANYWAYS, it's been months since that all happened. She has filed a report but no restraining order about the harrassment of our family by this dude. We've all blocked him on social media. But one of us is keeping an eye on his feeds and now, he's posting rants all over facebook again about her, about how he misses her. He's posting photos of his dashboard in the car, where he has a printed photo of my niece and him together, taped up for him to see as he drives. They've been broken up for months now. It's starting to get pretty disturbing.

What's worse though, is that the kids MOM just messaged my niece a 3 page letter BEGGING her to just talk to him. Making excuses for his abusive behavior "oh he just had a bad toothache and his uncle passed away" yeah okay let's enable the abusive young man.

So there's my rant. That's where we are.

What can we do other than a restraining order? Can we get this guy committed or something? His facebook rants are borderline insane.

January 20, 2017

Welp friends...

Let's not forget

We're still the real majority.
People like us still exist and will fight for others.
Love still exists and will work in mysterious ways around us all.

We're still here. Look at that tiny crowd in the mall. It's nothing. This new administration conned it's way into power by the electoral college technicality.

What is America really? It's that majority that voted Hillary and Bernie and any other third party. It's that majority that DID NOT VOTE FOR THIS.

So rest assured. We're still in power. But we'll have to resist in a way we may never have done before.

In solidarity.

January 19, 2017

Fundraising for two abandoned puppies. NEW UPDATE, HUNTER HAS BEEN ADOPTED!!!!!

GREAT NEWS! Hunter the brindle colored male has been adopted tonight! He has been given to a very loving family that will give him many many years of companionship. I don't think I've ever met a couple of folks that were so happy to have a puppy. They had to euthanize a 10 yr old boxer of theirs 2 weeks ago so Hunter is up to the task of filling that void for them. Blue is still looking for family! We think some people may be put off by Blue because of her "cherry eye" affliction and thus, they may not want to pay for the surgery. Cross your fingers for her and stay tuned!


We are happy to announce that "Hunter" the terribly withdrawn puppy, is starting to come out of his shell! See post #20 to see further detail AND A VIDEO LINK TO WITNESS SOME PUPPY PLAYTIME!


Fundraising link here: https://www.youcaring.com/twostraypuppies-739496



Hello everyone,

Reposting this from the donations page:
Today, 2 puppies were found abandoned nearby my father in law's house.

They were dropped off it seems. They seem well fed but they are dirty, and worse than that, they are scared of people. It isn't natural for puppies to be scared of humans to the point they shake and cower in any hiding spot they can find. They're not shy, they're frightened.

We don't know the cause of that fear. We have our concerns that abuse may have happened but there's no way to tell.

My father in law is unable to care for them, so we've taken them off of his hands for the time being. The other issue is, we too, are unable to take care of them as we just added a new great dane puppy to our own home 6 months ago. Because of this, we cannot keep these puppies.

We can't look at these puppies and say, they aren't our problem because they are our problem. Fate landed them in our hands, and we aren't the type to "drop the ball" on any living thing that needs a fighting chance.

So, we still have a bunch of leftover puppy food from our great dane's growing days. Food is taken care of. But because we didn't plan on this event in our lives, the expense of taking these puppies to get a vet check up is not accounted for in our budget.

This is why we've come here to ask you for help. We will post photos of the veterinary receipts to account for the money being donated here. In the end, this money isn't for us, it's just for the puppies.

We will post more photos of the puppies as they become available.

Thanks for reading and thank you to anyone that donates to these puppies.

Anything helps, seriously.

To those who aren't familiar with YouCaring as a charity site, feel free to donate directly to my PayPal here: paypal.me/retrowire

The paypal.me link has my website as it's title and I can't change that but fear not, it's still me!


Sorry I don't use YouTube but I have for you all today a video of the two puppies in their temporary dwelling. Now you get to see how these two puppies are doing after a bath and food and love! ...You also get to hear my "puppy talk" voice lol

January 18, 2017

I knew this would happen...

Ever since the coined term of "fake news" started getting used, I knew that it would immediately lose any weight it had ASAP.

As soon as Trump started calling legit news sources fake news, I knew his followers would take that concrete and slap it right down on their faces, further solidifying any chance at them opening their eyes and trying to learn for a moment.

So not only do we live in a post truth world now, we live in a world where people's emotions are given more validity than facts. And this is happening en masse.

A nation guided by emotion rather than logic? Oh boy.

And how do you approach emotion with logic? In my experience, you don't! You wait for emotion to calm down and then you reason with it. But looking at this hate machine that's been raging on for years and is now getting the fresh fuel of false legitimacy, I don't really see a point where the walls of emotion will lower.

Do you?

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