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retrowire's Journal
retrowire's Journal
April 30, 2017

Here's our one-trip vegan travel blog. We just started! WE'RE LIVE

Thanks to everyone thats reading so far! It's fun!

We just arrived at our destination!



And then do whatever it is you do. lol

April 29, 2017

My wife and I are setting up a one-trip vegan food travel blog

Since I now have the next week on vacation, my wife and I have decided to go on a little foodie road trip! And since we're vegan, it'll be a different kind of perspective that we hope others might be interested in. The blog also isn't going to be a long term thing, just something that we keep updating for the next 4 to 5 days. And if it attracts enough of an audience, I think we might evolve it into a vegan cooking blog since my wife is quite the chef... BEHOLD!!! HANDMADE VEGAN MEATBALLS!!!


No worries, the blog won't be preachy, we're just gonna show you some cool shit and neat food!

Would anyone be interested in reading?

April 28, 2017

Welp, I got in a shouting match with my boss at work.

The stress finally just, breached the walls.

It's what happens when you don't communicate. Tensions build up between you and others you know?

He questioned what's been happening to my performance lately and started making accusations.

I revealed that I had been dealing with two cancer scares in my family (one my own wife, the other her father) and I'm still reeling from the death of my brother in law.

He started prodding at why I keep making so many phone calls on shift to my wife and he was raising his voice so I started shouting back "because that's what you do when everyone's getting cancer and there's been a death in the family!!"

He started pouring through log sheets of what my performance looked like and we started cooling off and he admitted that, had he known about what I just revealed, he would have known that I wasn't just slacking off. He said he had no way of knowing but know that he understands it changes things.

He recommended I take a vacation because I hadn't done so since a started over a year ago.

So I've got all next week off. And I still can't help but feel guilty. But I think I'm going to spend time with family.

April 28, 2017

OK dumb question

What is antifa?

April 27, 2017

Is retrowire the only gamer on DU?



(I know I'm not lol)

April 27, 2017

A thought that I've repeated to myself today about dumbass 45

Said he wouldn't start wars. Said he'd defeat ISIS within the first 100 days.

Doesn't do much about ISIS at all.

And decides to fuck around with an enemy to the west by the name of North Korea.

So not only is he teasing the start of a new war, he's continuing the first one in the east and starting a new one in the west, while simultaneously attempting trade wars with our allies in the north and south.

... Trump supporters, I know you read this website.

Are you serious right now? If any of you are still sincerely in the Trump bandwagon... Are you really serious right now? Do you REALLY think any of this has a good outcome?

April 26, 2017

I figured out what's pissing me off about all this hate being thrown on the left.

I seem to be taking it personally because I consider myself liberal and leftist.

But all these attacks on the left saying that it's imposing right wing policies and going after Obama and all that shit is confusing me.

Did I not get a memo?

But then I thought about it for a second. Wild idea, just stay with me for a second.

What if all of those leftists supporting Trump or Russia or attacking Obama or whatever...

What if they're imposters? What if they're trolls, meant to whip up a fervor against the actual leftists like myself?

I mean, being liberal isn't just a title. It's about your actions. That's what defines you. So if, for example a "leftist" is shouting for Trump to tear it down so we can start over, or if a leftist is saying, women's rights are unimportant, then maybe, JUST MAYBE... They aren't a leftist?

Regarding Bernie's recent actions, he's still leftist. He does care about women's rights. He might not just be wording it as eloquently as he could and MAYBE (because I'm not a genius) his philosophy of "economic reform first and everything else will fall in place perfectly" is right, maybe it's not. But that's for the political analysts and historians to talk about.

Point is or TL;DR, Stop attacking the left for bad leftists or imposters actions. Every movement has false entities that seek to make them look bad. I think that happened to BLM and I KNOW it's happened to we feminists.

If it doesn't quack like a leftist, it ain't a real leftist.

Thanks for reading.

April 25, 2017

... I'm uhh... Feeling a crash coming on today.

This is bad.

April 25, 2017

Is this all because Bernie endorsed ONE LOCAL CANDIDATE IN A LOCAL RACE

Is the entire party splitting at the fucking seams because of ONE FUCKING LOCAL RACE THAT BERNIE ENDORSED A PRO LIFE CANDIDATE IN?

This can't be true.



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