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VulgarPoet's Journal
VulgarPoet's Journal
May 26, 2016

Show of hands, how many people has Bernie made into white, middle class men?

Seriously, that shit keeps happening to me, and I don't understand why.

May 26, 2016

I keep noticing the same people reaching and trying to divide on behalf of Hillary.

What was that phrase, "Disqualify, Destroy, Unite Later"? Something like that? I don't remember, I tend to mentally purge the idiocy I read nowadays but-- with this latest spate of dredging up imagined sexism, A LOT of people tilting at windmills(when Clinton denied Bernie's request to debate, what the hell was he supposed to do, sit there, stay silent, and subsequently lose California? Wait, I'm talking to plutocratic corporatists, he's supposed to live beneath the boot of the oligarchs) where all that exists to threaten them are clouds.

Good luck uniting the party. You'll need it.

May 26, 2016

Caught Across

Split between my sides,
Between the bottle and the gun
Caught across horizons,
And I'm racing with the sun
I'm supposed to let it be,
But how am I supposed to let it go?
You're speaking from the bottom,
But immoral is the status quo

You speak in sheer hypocrisy
The same shit you deride
While some might understand it
I can't bear to let it slide
Frankly, it disgusts me
And I've seen you for your spots
I know you'll never change them
So I'll connect the dots

Split between my sides,
My identity's slowly tearing
Catching condescension
And I've long since lost my bearing
Splitting on the needle,
And I'm broke across the rack
Caught across horizons,
Kept the sun upon my back.

May 20, 2016

Oh please, I guarantee you if you lived in the systemic corruption in Mexico's government

You'd come running here too. How about some actual examples? You tell me, what makes us exceptional? We're 26th for child well-being. 28th for child poverty rates. 29th for teen pregnancy. 3rd for homicide. 34th on life expectancy, 41st on infant mortality. Quality of math and science? 47th. You tell me. What makes us so fucking exceptional? What makes us the arbiters of the entire goddamn globe? What makes you believe that we're some sort of God-given gift to the entire goddamn world? We have never in my lifetime been "an exceptional country".

So put up, or shut up-- because the only people I hear saying we're an exceptional country are Republicans.

Source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/eric-zuesse/how-the-us-performs-in-re_b_3080446.html

May 11, 2016


Are we serious right now?

May 10, 2016

Battle Hymn of the Downtrodden

See me on the street, molotov clutched in my hand
When the time comes to purge the corruption from the land
Masked man, black bandanna, black shirt, red starred
Wheeling guillotines out, collapsing structured Old Guard
Oil slicked, orange evenings, and smoked into blue
Hole punching stars, crooked schemers, what's it to you?
When the time comes, you bet your ass, we won't be televised
Not unless the mainstream can paint us in their crooked lies

Crooked ties, blue and red, tied silken noose
Submit and supplicate-- bow down, or you'll be the news
Pushed to margin, in the memory hole, and there we stick
Hanging on us till you realize we aren't hearing your shit
"You see there's leaders, and there's followers"
But following doesn't mean shit when in the face of poppy flowers
"You see there's leaders, and there's followers"
And I'll be damned if I count within the number of the cowards.

When your state's a war criminal, what's there to do
Wheel out the guillotines, the riflemen and go make the news
When your state's a prison profiteer, what's there to do
You break the walls down, free the masses, lead them to truth
When your state is unbearable, what's there to do
You climb the wall with tooth and fang, and you give 'em the screws
When your state is paralyzed with fear, what's there to do
You carry into the street and show them that you can't lose

Cause the ties are the same when you're standing out in the dark
Where the deals are made and sharks of all color make their mark
If you're stood against them, memory holed, it makes me so sick
Cause they still aren't processing I'm not hearing there shit
"You see there's leaders, and there's followers"
And the opposition's still claiming that their paragon is right
"You see there's leaders, and there's followers"
But I'll be damned if I'm walking quiet towards corrupted light.

May 4, 2016


"Mr. Anthony, tell me,
How's your life been?"

I could lie to you. Tell you that I'm decent.
But I know that's not true; not really in recent
Days that feel like the sun is finally setting
Two minutes to midnight, we're caught within the webbing
Media cycle following sun and moonlight regressing
The spider dripping venomous, the gray matter etchings
Leaving silken egg sacs to rot to deception's reprieve
And yet they keep on telling me there's no reason to grieve

And they keep telling me my mind's really acting the sieve
And they keep warning me there's really no reason to speak
And I apologize but the rope's been a clavicle necklace
Tightened down and acting reins as I take in my breakfast
Of course I never really seem to have the time
A caffeine spiked mind, with traces of nicotine and strychnine
My ethic strict lines, but really there's not even reason
I couldn't in good conscience speak to you about "decent".

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