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Member since: Thu Jul 9, 2015, 09:52 AM
Number of posts: 30,613

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Had a COVID scare the past few days.

My wife and I are being pretty careful (me more than her). I'm vaxxed; she is very ill with many chronic problems and medical interventions have almost always made her even worse, so she is afraid to get the vaccine. She didn't like my side effects either (a few days of being very weak and feeling unwell). I do almost all shopping, masked and wearing a visor and gloves. She does the same on the rare occasions she ventures out.

She sent me for takeout food (only for her). Within 24 hours, she had scratchy throat, cough, mild fever. Took two home COVID tests 24 hours apart; both negative. I tested myself too.

These are antigen tests; they detect a surface protein from the virus. Got 'em at CVS for $23.99 for a box of two tests ( "Quick-Vue At-Home" ). Got results in 20 minutes.

She's still sick; will have to see a doctor today. But at least it appears not to be COVID.

Did President Biden just issue a veiled cyber-threat to Putin's pipelines?

I heard it that way.

Edit: He just clarified. It's no longer a veiled threat. It's explicit.

Their response: "You could see them kinda go...'Whoah'"

Fecebook logo. Credit to Blue Owl and Steve Jobs.

Use as you wish.


Posted by lagomorph777 | Wed May 5, 2021, 09:27 AM (2 replies)

I think Marine 1 (and 2) just flew right over my house.

I heard that President Biden is on his way to GA to visit President Carter. Maybe this was him?

Successful Space Launch System Hot Fire Test

Concluded just now.


Did Perjury Traitor Gangreene ever model for a wax figure?


Did Cruz go to Mexico to meet with Jenny Cudd (insurrectionist)?

Pure speculation, of course.

Jenny Cudd is the one who got sent on vacation by a white supremacist judge (Trevor N. McFadden).

House Manager's oratory yesterday ranked up there with Lincoln, FDR, MLK.

I have not seen such moving, eloquent oratory since the 1960s.


Best label for the terrorist party? We need to unify on this so we can project a clear message to voters.

Off to Merde a Lardo!

...where Palm Beach is trying to evict him.
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