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British Gov’t Responds to Petition to Ban Trump: ‘Coming to the UK Is a Privilege…’


The British government has finally responded to a petition demanding that Donald Trump be banned from the country. Yes, the British government has the authority to ban certain individuals from the country if the people in question could be considered a public danger or a harm to society.

The government petition website requires 10,000 signatures to get a government response and 100,000 signatures to be debated in Parliament. As of today, it has over 500,000 signatures.

The petition was drafted in reaction to Trump’s call for a Muslim entry ban in the U.S., which plenty of British leaders––including Prime Minister David Cameron––strongly condemned.

Well, today, the government responded, providing the viewpoint of Home Secretary Theresa May. Here’s the response in full:

For good reasons the Government does not routinely comment on individual immigration and exclusion decisions.

The Home Secretary may exclude a non-European Economic Area national from the UK if she considers their presence in the UK to be non-conducive to the public good.

The Home Secretary has said that coming to the UK is a privilege and not a right and she will continue to use the powers available to prevent from entering the UK those who seek to harm our society and who do not share our basic values.

Exclusion powers are very serious and are not used lightly. The Home Secretary will use these powers when justified and based on all available evidence.

The Prime Minister has made clear that he completely disagrees with Donald Trump’s remarks. The Home Secretary has said that Donald Trump’s remarks in relation to Muslims are divisive, unhelpful and wrong.

The Government recognises the strength of feeling against the remarks and will continue to speak out against comments which have the potential to divide our communities, regardless of who makes them. We reject any attempts to create division and marginalisation amongst those we endeavour to protect.

And, as mentioned above, this will soon be debated in Parliament. Break out the popcorn for that one…

Pennsylvania man hurls vile, racist insults at cameraman and protesters, promptly gets swift justice


By Jen Hayden

A Pennsylvania man identified by Butler News as "John Pisone" (he’s now deleted his Facebook page) took time out of his busy day to stop and harass a group people protesting against fracking in Pennsylvania.

As the video starts, Pisone is chastising the protesters, questioning if they’ve ever had a job. Only seconds later, he turns to cameraman Tom Jefferson (who is black) and let’s loose a vulgar string of obscenities:

Pisone: This chimp right here (pointing at the camera).

Unidentified protester: What did you say?

Pisone: Yeah, chimp. This fucking nigger right here with a mop on his head.

Protestors: You better get out of here!

Pisone: I don’t give a fuck. He’s milking my fucking tax dollars.

Protestors: You better leave! You better get out now!

Pisone: I don’t give a fuck what you have to say.

He repeatedly made monkey noises at the cameraman and continued his racist rant.

Tom Jefferson uploaded to the video to YouTube and it didn’t take long for outraged internet sleuths to contact his employer, MMC Land Management, who promptly fired John Pisone, releasing the following statement:

Today, we were disgusted to learn that one of MMC’s former employees used racial slurs and made racially charged comments during a peaceful protest in Mars, Pennsylvania, outside of work hours at a location with which we have no affiliation. We are sorry that this incident occurred. Whether at work or not, we do not condone hate speech - EVER. Inclusion and diversity are among MMC’s core values. We believe in equality for everyone, regardless of race, age, gender identity, ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation. MMC has terminated this employee and will never do business with him again in the future.

Looks like good ol’ boy John Pisone is going to be milking our tax dollars in the near future as he is going to have a hard time finding employment now. And for good reason.

Video in all its glory in link.

GEE, I wonder who has his vote.....

In 2008, Trump Dismissed Clinton Sex Scandal as ‘Totally Unimportant’


Considering how tough Donald Trump is talking about Bill Clinton‘s sex scandals now, it might surprise you (or not, because honestly, how many things has he suddenly changed his mind on at this point) to learn that The Donald didn’t always feel this way.

Just to review, in the past week, Trump has tweeted out a lot about the former president, saying that it’s not him that has a “penchant for sexism,” it’s Clinton.

Trump has tweeted about Clinton’s “terrible record of women abuse” and sent a warning-like “BE CAREFUL!” to Hillary Clinton for calling him a sexist.

But CNN tonight ran a clip of an interview Trump did with Wolf Blitzer in 2008, when he talked about both Bill Clinton and George W. Bush. And would you like to guess which one he was kinder to?

And note in this quote what Trump had to say just seven years ago about the thing he’s attacking Clinton on now:

“He lied! [Bush] got us into the war with lies! And, I mean, look at the trouble Bill Clinton got into with something that was totally unimportant, and they tried to impeach him, which was nonsense. And yet Bush got us into this horrible war with lies, by lying!”

So seven years ago, Clinton’s sex scandal was “totally unimportant,” but now it’s a big deal.

Video in link


Is there a way to post tweets?

Canada 2015- from Conservative hell, to "Sunny Ways"


By Pale Cold

“If it were in my power, I would try the sunny way.” Wilfred Laurier 1895

I am betting many of you know about the fact that Canada elected a new Government this year. Justin Trudeau, the leader of the Liberal party, has been a newsmaker all over the world, Lots of people think he is “hot”.

In comparison to our old Prime minister- helmet haired, dour, and boring as snot; Stephen Harper, this is very true.

But there is a lot more than just a face, and “hotness” to talk about.

This shift has been so amazing and dramatic in many many ways. And that is what I want to focus on today.

I am not really a wholehearted supporter of the Liberals, they veer too far to the right on financial and economic issues for me. But. They are not the party of Harper.

So many of us, voted for the Liberals in a spurt of strategic voting.

And Canadians voted in droves this last time around. We had the best voter turnout since 1993. Everyone it seems, had had enough of the darkness. Voter turnout up by 270 per cent in some aboriginal communities.

It was a nasty nasty election season. The Conservative party of Canada (we shall use CPoC from here on) pulled a lot of really evil tricks.

They tried to scare us into re-electing them using fear tactics.

Much more in link

Forbes On Fox: Clinton 'The Grinch' For Attacking Trickle Down Economics


In case you've never had the misfortune of watching, Forbes on Fox, it is a show created by the 1% that instructs the reich wing 99%, who think they are on the cusp of becoming the 1%, why we should give the super rich more tax cuts. It explains how the Kenyan Usurper and his Hillary Clinton cohort are trying to take all your hard-earned cash away and give it to Black and Brown people. In other words, the show isn't at all a colossal waste of time.

I found it very amusing that the show comes with a disclaimer, which basically asserts that if you follow the advice or opinions of the pundits involved, they cannot be responsible for what happens next. Almost a minute into the segment, the message from the legal department scrolls onscreen.

This program contains the strong opinions of its participants which are not a reflection of the opinions of either Forbes or Fox News and should not be relied upon as investment advice when making personal investment decisions.

Allow me to translate: We can't be responsible for all the lies we spew. It's what we do, so you can't sue.

Steve Forbes took a moment to express his partisan hatred by calling President Obama and Hillary Clinton the real Grinches, who

deserve lumps of coal for their war on hydrocarbons,

they have lied to us like naughty little boys and girls about that Poitifact pretend 'lie' of the year regarding the if you like your insurance, you can keep your insurance, provided it doesn't 'suck ass' and leave you high and dry when you are in dire straights. Oh, and the worst recovery was not all caused by your buddy, George W. Bush, lest you forget, it was President Obama, as RW Billionaire Amnesia has struck Steve Forbes in a terrible way. The level of nauseating disrespect and disdain for two accomplished individuals like our president and Secretary Clinton was quite unbearable. Let's face it, his attack was as successful as his presidential campaign back in 1996 and 2000 which made him such a household name.

More including Video in Link

Trump Whines To Fox About Clinton 'Playing The Woman Card'


Poor Donald. That mean old Hillary is picking on him for daring to point out that he's a hate-filled, raging sexist. Most of the Sunday shows gave their viewers a break from Trump this weekend, but you can always count on Fox to be willing to give him some more air time.

From Fox's blog: Trump: 'We All Have to Fight Fairly' in 2016 Race, Hillary 'Playing the Woman's Card' :

Donald Trump phoned into "Fox and Friends Weekend" to comment on being labeled a sexist by Hillary Clinton and redirecting that attack against her husband, who joins her on the campaign trail next month.

Trump took to Twitter Saturday night to slam Clinton by citing her husband’s history of marital infidelity and alleged sexual misconduct. He used the same phrase -- "penchant for sexism" -- that was used by Clinton in response to Trump saying she got "schlonged" in her 2008 primary loss to Barack Obama. [...]

Trump said his tweet about the former President was "fair game."

"His presidency was really considered to be very troubled, to put it mildly, because of all of the things that's she talking to me about."

The GOP front-runner said that Hillary has got to be "careful" and that the presidential contest must be waged fairly.

"We all have to fight fairly, and we have to fight for the good of the country, for the good of the people, for the good of everybody," Trump said.

He added that Clinton is "playing the woman's card, and it's like 'Give me a break.'"

Trump said that "women are more upset about it than anybody else."

Video in Link

Andrea Mitchell Presses Sanders: You’re ’Far Behind’ Hillary in Polls on Foreign Policy


On Meet the Press this morning, Andrea Mitchell confronted Bernie Sanders on how his economic message isn’t exactly helping him convince more voters he would be a better foreign policy president than Hillary Clinton.

She showed the poll disparity between Sanders and Clinton on that issue and said many more people are concerned about terrorism than they are the economy.

Sanders disputed the polls issue, saying he’s gaining on Clinton, while taking a firm stance on the U.S. needing to destroy ISIS by building up a coalition.

Mitchell still pointed out he’s “far, far behind” Clinton on the question of who voters trust the most on foreign policy.

Sanders said that destroying ISIS is important, but lamented how “sometimes the media thinks that is the only issue” when there are plenty of Americans concerned about

Watch video in Link

Republicans Faceplant As Rand Paul Doubles Down On Trump’s Sexist Attack On Hillary Clinton


Sexism on steroids, y’all!
In case you weren’t sure yet if the Republican party really hates women, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) doubled down on Donald Trump’s vulgar obsession with Clinton’s bathroom breaks, last seen during Trump’s she got “schlonged” rant.

In the middle of charming the mainstream media with his witty airing of grievances against Republican rivals for Festivus (and oh my are they charmed! So witty!), Paul tried to elevate Carly Fiorina to Clinton’s stature by tweeting that she has zero trouble making it back from commercial breaks.

“.@CarlyFiorina has ZERO trouble making it back from commercial breaks @HillaryClinton. Just saying. #Festivus #waronwomensrooms”

Fiorina is the Republican Party’s Obvious Woman Candidate Poster Girl, the one they keep around to attack Hillary Clinton without looking “sexist” in their minds and the one whose existence on the stage is supposed to disprove the war on women, so this should surprise no one.

Just to make sure you get the reference, Rand hashtagged it “waronowmensrooms”. LOL ladies, am I right, mocking the war on women ‘cuz it’s so funny when Rand and his buddies take away your rights over your own body! LOL for days!!

This is all so witty, so equal to the kind of jokes Paul made about the men in his party. An example, “My friend @tedcruz has still not pledged to issue exec order declaring Canadian “bacon” is not real bacon. Makes me suspicious. #Festivus” Yeah. The bathroom tweet is not the same at all.

Cont. in Link

Settling the Argument Once & For All: Why Die Hard Absolutely is a Christmas Movie


Welcome to the party, pal! The debates are over, at least for now. Congress has gone home. The president is in Hawaii. Barring a breaking story or Steve Harvey guest-refereeing Chargers-Raiders Thursday night, the news (and publications like this that cover the news) will be a snooze for about the next two weeks. So what better way to kick off the slow season than finally tackling (in this space, anyway) the age-old question heard often at Christmas time lately:

Is Die Hard really, really a Christmas movie?

Note: We’re not talking Die Hard 2, which also takes place Christmas Eve largely at Dulles Airport apparently one year after Part 1. We’re also not talking Die Hard 3, 4 or 5 (yes, the last two actually exist), because those all take place in what looks like summer. In the minds of many, there’s really been only one Die Hard… just like there’s really been only one Caddyshack, one Meatballs, one Fletch and two Godfathers. As we’ve seen all too often, some sequels are so far removed from the original, they should be stealth-edited from existence.

More in Link
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