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Member since: Tue Jul 28, 2015, 09:35 PM
Number of posts: 896

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Fake news you can use

Trump just resigned.

The Nobel committee voted unanimously to award him the Peace Prize.

I wish I didn't have to make this stuff up.

Build a giant mushroom at the border and label it "Trump Penis"

It would gratify his ego and be cheaper than his wall.

I know I'd run if I saw it.

I've been wondering about why these "border beds" are such an issue in the shutdown talks

How will that money the Trump administration is asking for really be used?

We know that (as reported by Rachel Maddow in September) that they are already siphoning off funds from other programs:

The Department of Homeland Security transferred $169 million from other agencies to Immigration and Customs Enforcement for the detention and removal of migrants this year, according to a document sent to Congress by DHS.

Many of the transfers came from key national security programs, including $1.8 million from the Domestic Nuclear Detection Office, $9.8 million from FEMA, $29 million from the U.S. Coast Guard and more than $34 million from several TSA programs. DHS also transferred $33 million from other ICE programs to pay for detention and removal, making the total amount of money transferred $202 million.

Now what are they going to do with all the new money they are asking for?

Detain all the asylum seekers that they are forcing to stay out of the country already?

Or order more concrete or steel slats so that Ozymandias can have his monument?

I want to know.

Oh, and thank you for my heart!

Oh, he finally shut up!

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