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Member since: Fri Oct 9, 2015, 07:32 PM
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Fox News calls it for Hillary

For once, they tell the truth.

Revolutionary pulls dirty trick, The People's Tribune of Justice blames Hillary.


My Favorite Part Of The Debate

Was when the angry old white guy told the lady that it was still a free country, and he could say whatever he wants about that black guy.

Just A Quick FYI

If the Sanders campaign says I endorsed Bernie, it's not true.

If Bernie Thought Barack Obama Was So Great

The why didn't he join the President' party in until now?

What's Today? Thursday? OK, Here's Today's Bernie Lie

In trying to establish the civil rights bona fides of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), many of his supporters have taken to posting a black-and-white photo of the presidential candidate from 1962. Students can been sitting on the floor and standing in the back as the then-dark-haired activist addresses them.

The compelling picture can be found in the senator’s biographical video on his campaign website. “At the University of Chicago,” Sanders says as the photo fades in and out, “I got involved in the civil rights movement. We ended up engaging in a sit-in demonstration.” It’s on the campaign’s Tumblr feed. “As the Civil Rights Movement grew, Bernie led a sit-in to desegregate off-campus housing at the University of Chicago,” reads the timeline under 1962. And Sanders used it in a stirring 2013 video to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington. “I remember the day very well and I remember the moment, the period well,” he says as the photo passes by, “because up at the University of Chicago, where I was then going to school, we were working with young people in the South.”

But that’s not Bernie Sanders in the photo. It is Bruce Rappaport.

Classmates of the two men started raising concerns about the discrepancy last year. According to Time, four University of Chicago alumni told the magazine in November that they believed the man to be Rappaport, also a student activist, who died in 2006. At the time of the story, the photo was still captioned as Bernie Sanders in the University of Chicago’s photo archive. But the picture’s caption has since been changed.


New Hampshire Voter on Portland TV News

(Large parts of New Hampshire are in the Portland media market)

The reporter was asking people coming out of the polls who they voted for. One man told him that he had intended to vote for Bernie Sanders, but after watching the Republican debate, he decided to vote for Kasich to prevent one of the more "bellicose" Republicans from winning.

If Hillary does better than expected, it will be because of voters like that.

Here We Go Again. Have you ever seen such a dishonest campaign?

Lebanon — With just days before the New Hampshire primary, the presidential campaign of Sen. Bernie Sanders, D-Vt., is taking heat from Upper Valley residents who say his campaign used their images on mailers without their permission.

When American Legion state officer Tom Wiley, of Canaan, was called by the Legion’s top officer in New Hampshire, Wiley didn’t know what it was about, but he said the tone of state Cmdr. John Graham made it clear something was wrong.

“He called me, quite straightforwardly, and asked me, had I endorsed any candidate,” Wiley said Saturday. “He asked specifically about Bernie.”

It was a sensitive subject, Wiley knew, both because the American Legion fiercely protects its image as a nonpartisan organization, and because Wiley is in the early stages of a campaign himself, for the post of New Hampshire’s Department Commander. If he were found to be guilty of flouting the group’s bylaws, it could sink his chances. “I said, ‘No, I’ve never even shook his hand,” said Wiley.

Wiley learned Graham had fielded a call from a Legion member in Plaistow, N.H., and that Wiley’s image was prominently included on the front page of a glossy campaign mailer, next to the words “Veterans fought for us. Bernie fought for them.”


James Taylor says Obama is great; riding Hillary train

Obama isn't the only politician Taylor is supporting: The singer said he's on the Hillary Rodham Clinton train, too.

"And aside from the fact that she's a woman running, she's the right person. ... The whole point — black or white, male or female, gay or straight, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, atheist — it doesn't matter what these other connections are," he said. "Our country needs to come together and the question is, 'Is this public servant someone who will bring us together?' And I think she is."


History Lesson For a Young Sanders Supporter

I am one of those "over 65" women who belong to the faceless, aging "demographic" with a Hillary sign on my front lawn. For weeks I've listened, fists clenched, while 19-year-olds and media pundits alike lavish praise on Bernie Sanders for his bold, revolutionary message and scorn Hillary for being "establishment."

He is "heart" and she is "head"--a bitter irony for those of us familiar with the long history of philosophical, religious, and medical diatribes disqualifying women from leadership positions on the basis of our less-disciplined emotions.

He is "authentic" in his progressivism while she has only been pushed to the left by political expediency--as though a lifetime of fighting for universal healthcare, for gender equality, for children's rights don't pass the litmus tests for "progressive" causes. He is the champion of the working class while her long-standing commitments to child care, paid sick leave, the repeal of the Hyde Amendment, and narrowing the wage-gap between working men and women are apparently evaporated by her accepting highly-paid invitations to speak at Goldman-Sachs.

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