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Member since: Wed Oct 28, 2015, 02:02 PM
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Bloomberg Spent Millions To Put Them In Congress and Now They Are Endorsing Him


$4.5 million to Harley Rouda

$2.2 to Mikie Sherrill

$2.2 to Hayley Stephens

Edited to add these donations came in 2018. Endorsements came after.

Some seems to think giving millions to candidates is a good thing. I agree. I however think endorsements coming from those who received millions is suspect. Can't wait to see what Bezos or Zuckerberg do when they run in the next election! But it's all good according to some.

Interesting statistics from Iowa from NY Times


Go Bernie!

Final Result from one of 5 Muslim Community Organization's caucus sites.

I love seeing this!


Sanders Leads Trump & All 2020 Candidates in Donations from Active Duty Troops

https://www.rollingstone.com/politics/politics-news/bernie-sanders-leads-trump-all-2020-candidates-in-donations-from-active-duty-troops-946188/ - Bernie Sanders Leads Trump, All 2020 Candidates in Donations From Active-Duty Troops

No other 2020 candidate for president, including Donald Trump, can come close to matching Bernie Sanders’ level of support among members of the U.S. military, to go by the most recent campaign finance data from the Federal Election Commission.
Soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines have donated a total of $185,625 to Sen. Sanders’ 2020 campaign. By comparison, they have given $113,012 to Trump, $80,250 to Pete Buttigieg, $64,604 to Sen. Elizabeth Warren, and a relatively paltry $33,045 to former Vice President Joe Biden, according to Doug Weber, a senior researcher at the Center for Responsive Politics.

ETÀ The Data does not come from an opinion piece. The Data comes from The Center for Responsive Politics —is OpenSectrets which collects Data on campaign contributions.

The University Professional and Technical Employees (UPTE)-CWA 9119 Has endorsed Sanders.


The Communications Workers of America's largest local has endorsed Vermont Independent Senator Bernie Sanders for the Democratic nomination for President.

The University Professional and Technical Employees (UPTE)-CWA 9119, representing 17,000 employees across the University of California system held member vote and Sanders got 66%.

Iowa Postal workers Local 44 Endorses Sanders

Link: https://iowastartingline.com/2020/01/18/iowa-postal-workers-union-local-44-endorses-bernie-sanders/

The American Postal Workers Union Local 44 of Central Iowa has endorsed Senator Bernie Sanders for president, the campaign announced today.

“Senator Bernie Sanders stands for the working class people of this country,” said DMI APWU Local 44 President Mike Bates. “He will fight for postal banking that would bring in revenue to the Postal Service and stop the legalized loan sharking of check into cash and payday loans that feed on the working poor.”

WI Rep Co Chair of Progressive Caucus, Mark Pocan Endorses Sanders.


So thrilled. I love Rep. Pocan and he is going to be a great asset in Wisconsin.

TakeAction Minnesota Endorses Sanders.


A powerful Minnesota progressive group has endorsed Sen. Bernie Sanders in the state's upcoming Democratic presidential primary.

TakeAction Minnesota announced its backing for the Vermont senator on Wednesday morning. The group said it's the first time they have endorsed a candidate for president of the United States.

"We are excited to build with a candidate who is already investing in our multiracial, working class movement to take on corporate power in our democracy and do politics better," said Elianne Farhat, the group's executive director. "Bernie's politics are rooted in human dignity and justice."

TakeAction is a 501(c)(4) nonprofit group that bills its work as community organizing, coalition building, policy research and development, public education and civic engagement. It has 6,000 dues-paying members, a network of 20 institutional members that includes labor, social justice and other progressive groups, and a mailing list of some 50,000 people.

Immigrants Rights Group Endorses Sanders


Make the Road Action, an immigrant rights group, is endorsing Bernie Sanders for president, lending the Vermont senator significant political muscle in the early caucus state of Nevada and a delegate-heavy group of northeastern states.

The 10-year-old organization, which mobilizes immigrants and minority communities for political action in Connecticut, Nevada, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania, has not previously endorsed candidates in presidential races. But the endorsement of Sanders, provided first to POLITICO, comes after a months-long process of evaluating Democratic campaign platforms and holding meetings with a number of candidates.

Elizabeth Warren's Campaign Is Telling Key Supporters To De-Escalate The Fight With Bernie Sanders

Key points:

Bolding mine.

the campaign official followed up to caution supporters against accusing Sanders of sexism, saying that the line of questioning would be “really bad news for us.”

“I would be careful with the ‘sexism’ angle when it comes to the Bernie/Warren exchange individually — that’s not what this is about and I think it’ll be really bad news for us if that becomes what this is about (i.e. press asking her if she thinks Bernie is sexist),” the staffer told the group. “Is that what this is about broadly? Absolutely. But no one here is actually claiming Bernie himself is sexist (regardless of your own personal beliefs on that topic).”

Warren characterized the private December 2018 meeting in her statement as a simple exchange: “I thought a woman could win; he disagreed.” Sanders and his advisers have repeatedly said this account is false and that he only pointed out Trump would use gender against a woman candidate. “What I did say that night was that Donald Trump is a sexist, a racist, and a liar who would weaponize whatever he could,” Sanders said when the story was first reported by CNN, and before Warren confirmed it herself.

At one point in a lengthy DM to the Twitter group on Tuesday morning, the Warren staffer’s description of the controversy hewed closer to Sanders’s description than Warren’s. “Claiming you’re worried a woman can’t win/flagging that she’ll receive sexist attacks is something many, many people feel,” the campaign official wrote.

Jeff Weaver, a top adviser for Sanders' campaign, also suggested the Sanders campaign did not want to continue the fight. “We’re not going to get into this tit-for-tat," he said on CNN on Monday night.

Sanders and Warren, he said, "have great respect for one another, they’re fighting for a lot of the same goals, again, there were some wires crossed apparently about this story.”

Asked to comment on the move to de-escalate, Warren's communications director, Kristen Orthman, pointed to the candidate’s statement on Monday night calling Sanders a friend and longtime ally. “Bernie and I have far more in common than our differences on punditry,” Warren said.


I know I sure would like to move away from this nonsense and focus on the issues facing our country.
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