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Member since: Sat Nov 14, 2015, 03:12 PM
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Thhill.com - Wikileaks show intent to "dump" emails

Right on there front page. heres the problem. There was another email in which podesta was speaking ill of Clinton hygiene. THAT email was proved to be FALSE and debunked. When the hill a highly traffic political website just publishes this article with NO EVIDENCE that this was doctored (even if not by wikileak) and put it on there website front page. tens of thousands of people are going to read that article. and this is not play around stuff. That email they are talking about in there article shows intent and conspiracy which is straight to jail type of thing.

These are peoples lives were talking about. you cant fucking just post shit like this on major websites without knowing if these emails are real, created by russians and post it. because if it is fake YOU CANT GO OOPS. what are you gonna do apologize when it cost clinton the election?

Clintons team needs to reach out to politico hill any news orginization and tell them if they publish this shit and it ends up being bogus they will go after them. this is fucking crazy how they can get away with this crap.

Clinton aide advised: 'Dump all those emails'

NC is NOT a lock please stop with these types of threads!

instead of having posters who are "concerned" banned we need to have people who say states are locked up and we won already NEED to be banned. wow this kind of thing enrages me to no end.

IF YOU ARE in nc have family or freinds there. PLEASE please tell them to vote. Its not a lock IN FACT not only its not a lock we are doing worse there then we were in 2012 a state we LOST in.

Democrats in north carolina vote republican. ALL the time. The problem is there is more democrats in NC then republicans so it always gives us a false sense of hope. Please refer to the 2014 and 2012 elections. The reason we lost NC in 2012 wasnt JUST because romney voters turn out in big numbers on election day. We had banked a big lead with NC democratic voters in 2012 where we should have won easily. You know why we lost? because lot of those democrats VOTED republican. especially in places like NC and west virginia.

Its the same thing this year. But not only that the KEY demographics that can be reliably used to predict vote for you side IE the african american vote for example is down 15-20 percent across many counties in north carolina. In fact the NYT times reported that virginia counties that went big for obama are down 50 percent in the AA vote.

Then on top of all of that, UNLIKE florida, and nevada, and colorado, and new mexico etc.. NC doesnt have a big hispanic population. Which means if we have a drop in AA vote we need to make that up somewhere and we seem to be doing that to some degree in places like nevada BUT we arent in North carolina.

another factor is the INDIE vote which many polls show is trending drumps way especially in NC. and there numbers in the early voting has rocketed.

This is a big democratic site. tens of thousands of people read these posts , When you CLAIM a state is locked up when we are in the prime days of voting you are doing hillary NO FAVORS.

agian if you are in or around NC please consider volunteering , driving folks to polling stations and or make sure to vote.

The emails were PHYSICALLY on a laptop shared by huma and anthony

Okay guys there seems to be a lot of confusion over this so let me try my best to basically explain what happened and whats going on.

If you guys remember a sometime back, a british tabloid released text messages between an underage girl and anthony weiner. Because this fucker couldnt keep hes dick inside hes pants it started a investigation by the NYPD sex crime division.

(MANY of these people in the NYPD and law enforcement divisions have deep loyalty ties to rudy guilaini and Chris christie. Watch the movie cop land and you'll get an idea of what i mean. )

The nypd special division who is investigating anthony weiner found the laptop with 10,000 or so emails PHYSICALLY on the laptop. No this was not a laptop that remotely accessed emails or had a auto login password to an email account. BUT PHYSICAL downloads of over 10,000 emails related directly to huma and the work she does with clinton.

The reason Comey came out with this 11 days before the election is because huma signed a perjury agreement and other documents stating that she turned over EVERYTHING to the FBI related to the email server investigation. The 10,000 emails found on a device NOT turned over to the FBI breaks those documents. THIS IS WHY comey is doing this because IRRELEVANT of what are in those emails he is planning on convening a grand jury to indict huma. Huma saying " i have no idea how the emails got on her husbands laptop" basically means NOTHING to do FBI at this point and they arent going to buy the " oops i forgot" excuse anymore. They are after blood.

Make no mistake.

Comey is after the clintons and he knows at the very very least hes got huma thats basically a slam dunk as having those emails on a unsecured laptop is in complete violation of the agreements of the investigation that ended in july. The reason this is important is because if those emails on the laptop turn out to be a nothingburger against clinton. Comey can cover hes ass and say at the very least i got huma. meaning wether he takes down huma or anyone else hes ass covered as Even an indictment against a senior clinton staff member was enough to bring this out before the vote and he can fall back on it.


At this point there is a rumour there is a tape of trump using the N word. I would basically release this and a video of trump beating a poppy on Monday morning to whoever is listening.

Edit to add - This thread is going to get removed and thats fine. BUT keep a close eye on this name Preet Bharara. In fact just remember 3 names out of all of this.

(Preet Bharara, Chris christie, Rudy Guiliani)

What the hell happend to chris matthews , ed shultz , michael moore

i will admit iv never been a big fan of chris because he just over speaks on all hes interviews and its annoying but i really liked ED on msnbc! im sitting here and watching the other day howard finemen i believe was the guest was basically saying that the clintons were bunch of money crazed crooks and chris just nodding hes head. Then goes.. yeah well vote for the clintons if you want to but they are going to sell the Lincoln bedroom for money. Basically something to do that affect. im just sitting there going what the freagen hell am i watching? like it sounded like you were watching fox news.

Honestly what does chris think hes going to gain from this? that suddenly republicans are going to tune into hes show? no all hes going to do is lose any liberal viewer hes had and hes ratings are going to tank. and michael moore keeps acting like he wants hillary to win.. then sais things like.. hillary lost the debate, trump is going to win, in hes trumpland video theres a small part where they selectively edited out him saying bunch of good shit about trump and those vidoes have the most views. yes he can say hes voting for hillary but saying trump won the debate and hes going to win is not helping anybody.

michael moore is a HUGE HUGE jullain assange supporter. i dont trust him one bit on this pro hillary thing. he supports 100 percent a russian backed agent who is trying to destroy hillary.

Why is Morning Joe always in a perpetual outrage?

he seems insufferable honestly. to be fair its not always anti clinton although it seems the past 2 weeks it has been. But he seems so outraged all the time. Like he has the moral authority on whats right and wrong in this country. And mika who i always took as a progressive is like hes little lacky. Mika for god sakes get your own views and stop parroting joe like hes some crush you want to mimic on a daily basis. They are hammering the clintons on the foundation like is it was the most personal thing. The condecending head shake that mika did when discussion the clinton foundation was disgusting.

Hey mika, how many millions of poeple have YOU SAVED? aids patients? sorry i couldn't hear the number? what was that? a BIG FAT ZERO? then STFU about shutting down the clinton foundation.

Please help in the online polls its important!

Iv literally been going to site to site and it seems like an uphill battle. I know we all saw the same debate and there is no question hillary won. But optics in this election is very important. Believe it, theres going to be a lot of people who might go to time.com or slate. or cnbc or any of these major sites and seeing trump winning the debate 60-40 70-30 in trumps favour is going to make it seem like he won the debate.

and you know damn well that fucker is going to boast about it all over hes twitter. Yes online polls are scientific but time.com has almost 1 million votes. That is a shit ton of people. Please post any poll that you see to all supporters so that we can win this battle online.

I know it seems petty but i refuse to give an inch to this idiot. We have to win every battle. Any poll that allows me to vote multiple times i do it. The important part for me is that independent poeple or poeple who are only tuning see that we are pushing back.

No TRUMP is NOT leading in early voting in florida!!

Do you know why that is? because early voting has started yet in florida!!! i swear i need to sit out this election i cant keep arguing with these right wing trump idiots. I honestly feel like im losing brain cells. There re-tweeting the same bs about Florida releasing its absentee ballot requests using the 6 point difference and writing that in the articles as trump winning the early vote count. You know i honestly dont blame the twitters because its easy to get misinform about your candidate and running away with it. BUT HOW the hell do the right wing publication go with this crap. i know briebart is a multi million dollar company. Do they have not one single fact check editor working there? Finding out when you can actually vote in Florida early literally takes a 5 second google search. sigh..

How reliable is the La times/usc poll ??

Im usually on twitter arguing with right wingers. As i feel like if you cant contribute by canvassing then the next best step is to donate and win hearts and minds online or atleast fight back agianst the attacks on hillary. Anyway was arguing with this guy and he kept claiming how the latimes daily tracking poll is showing a huge trump lead when it was tied just a week ago or so. I told him it was a bullshit poll and its not reliable and i could show him a dozen polls that show opposite.

The issue is though he claimed it was a model that the rand corporation came up with and they did it in 2012 and it was one of the most accurate polls in that election. Is this true? anyone familiar with this poll agency or model? i dont want to post the link to the poll encase it is some bs poll but wanted to get some thoughts on it by people who follow the polls and nate silver more closely then i do.
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