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Member since: Fri Nov 27, 2015, 08:45 PM
Number of posts: 3,762

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Emp Tee headed Greene? Qanon? fighting to stop pedophilia?

Then why is she traveling around with a drug using scumbag who committed (allegedly) sex trafficking a minor???




What's the point, Kirsten?? WHAT'S THE POINT?????

What's the point of you CLAIMING TO BE A DEMOCRAT???


I still can't believe I supported this POS.

What's with the Reich wing adverts on DU?

Who is "One Nation"?
And why are they telling me to contact my senators, Kelly and Sinema, and urge them to vote against my best interests?
(I realize this question is rhetorical...)

Can Chauvin's past "bad" behavior and reprimands be brought up at sentencing?

Asking for America.

As in, "Those Americans who believe in the rule of law"...

Ted Nugent is a F**KING MORON.


"Why weren’t we shut down for COVID one through 18?" What a fucking idiot...

Anti-American, draft dodging, washed up, no talent, close-minded IMBECILE.

Gaetz to speak at fundraiser "Women for America First" event

File this under you can't make this shit up......
Do they let him speak and get tarred with the same brush as a sex trafficker?
Do they cancel his appearance, tacitly admitting he's guilty?
Decisions, decisions, decisions......What to do, what to do???


Roger Stone claims Gaetz is the victim of an "old fashioned smear"...

And he outa know what a "smear" is.....


IRS says my check will be mailed this week.....

So due to the sabotage Louis DeSCUMBAG has brought to the USPS......

I'll receive the check sometime next year?

"Cancel Culture" origins revealed.....


America's leading crack-pot fascist and INSURRECTIONIST TRAITOR wants to become a US Senator

Arizona's Rep in LD-5, Andy Biggs (R-Nazi) has his eye on moving up the ladder.

But he STILL has to answer questions on his whereabouts and activities on Jan 5th, the day before the attempted coup.

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