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Member since: Fri Nov 27, 2015, 08:45 PM
Number of posts: 4,260

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This is what happens when you elect a high school drop-out to Congress..

Read the whole thread. She even misspelled HER OWN LAST NAME in one post!!!

(you can't make this shit up.....)


Can this TRAITOROUS SCUM just be jailed already???

I am so sick of this piece of shit...


Isn't the Texas abortion ban counter to Republican electoral goals?

I don't understand.
By eliminating poor peoples ability to get an abortion (rich white women will have no problems) doesn't this mean an increase in population of poor people and people of color?

Who tend to vote Democratic?

Someone please explain Reich wing logic here..

I need a new dentist in Mesa, AZ. In an office THAT GUARANTEES the entire staff is FULLY VACINATED

Any help out there?

Yesterdays TOP TEN!!!

WOO HOO!! Arizona climbs the charts to NUMBER 5 !!!

Virtually nobody.....I mean NOBODY is wearing a mask when I go out.
I'm exaggerating of course, but the level of mask wearing has dropped to maybe 10%.



The odious lying moron, Kent Hovind, has been arrested on domestic battery charges.

OF COURSE he's innocent since Reich Wing douchebags can assault women with impunity.

It's bad enough this jerk-off CONSTANTLY spews nonsense about evolution (because he has NO IDEA what he's talking about..), constantly lies to his sheeple, now is accused of terrorizing his current wife. When will these shit heads finally disappear?



Science denialism is not new. Vaccines WORK.

Our society is being perverted by science denialism. However, it is not a new phenomenon. It has been around for centuries. Only now, due to the rapid pace of technology and social media, it has been proliferating at an alarming pace. Sure, we can downplay the morons within our species, but we cannot disregard the extent of the idiocracy that is pushing this agenda. From Russian psychological warfare against the West to destabilize democracy, to flat Earthers and moon landing deniers on Youtube, evolution deniers, etc., we are being inundated with Dunning-Kruger "experts" who are tearing our human existence to shreds.
Now we have a whole gaggle of so-called "anti-vaxxers" who, in their elemental form, would rather DIE than believe accepted medical and science FACT:






CONGRATULATIONS to Ron DeSatan!! You've DEFEATED Covid!!

Florida now has more new cases than the next 4 states COMBINED.
(it should be noted however, that some states are not reported daily numbers anymore. Cuz, you know, it will just disappear like magic! Stop testing there won't be as many cases!! BRILLIANT!)

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