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Jitter65's Journal
Jitter65's Journal
May 17, 2016

The other immigrant issue. Increasing the income and wealth gap. Donald must love this.

One of the increasingly popular investment methods for the wealthy Chinese is a program called EB-5, also known as the immigrant investor program. Foreigners invest capital to get on the fast track to obtain a green card. Since Congress first created the program in 1990, the program has resulted in $11 billion of investment from Chinese, or about 70% of total EB-5 investments from all countries.

I would be all for this IF this would lead to more jobs for Americans AND if it would help lower, instead of raising, rents and living costs.

May 17, 2016

Please explain the Oregon voting rules. Automatic registration with automobile registrations and

licenses. Ok. I get that. But i heard on the radio today that those registrations were ONLY for the GE. You must register with a party to vote in any primary election.

DUers who are in the know...please explain or otherwise verify what i just heard. Could be a worse mess than NV if BS supporters are expecting all those mail-in votes to be for Bernie in the primary.

May 17, 2016

Everybody in the know knows that Bernie voters in KY, and elsewhere are really Trump supporters

trying to undermine Hillary. People on the ground there are saying it not just the media.

May 17, 2016

"According to Linda Tripp...."

GOP going to make an add with Linda Tripp, Broderick, etc... talking about how Hillary went after them...

Just not going to work because after you listen to the telephone conversation between Tripp and Monica...you almost wish Hillary had gone after them. The history of this stuff against Bill Clinton is old news, been aired and found wanting. Linda Tripp...

May 17, 2016

Ok. So the biggest mistake that was made resulting in Trump as the GOP candidate was

that the media gave him free air time disproportionally to any of the other candidate. If you really want to hurt Trump, they should have just IGNORED him, not reported on anything outrageous that he was saying...cut away from his speeches and rallies. But that would not be a ratings-getter. So I blame the media for giving us Trump as the GOP candidate more than anything or anyone else.

Hillary should learn from this and basically ignore him on the campaign trail and just talk about her issues and what she intends to do for people. Just ignore him and his bluster no matter what he says. That's on the campaign trail..but when it comes to the debates she should let loose. It is a waste of time for her to respond to his every smear...let her surrogates do the responding or respond in ads but not in person. It diminishes her message to respond on the trail. Let the ads an surrogates do the attacking and responding.

May 15, 2016

National Holiday for elections...I'm with her.


Sponsor: Sen. Clinton, Hillary Rodham [D-NY] (Introduced 02/17/2005)
Committees: Senate - Rules and Administration
Latest Action: 07/20/2006 Sponsor introductory remarks on measure. (CR S7981-7983) (All Actions)
This bill has the status Introduced Here are the steps for Status of Legislation:
May 15, 2016

Another 3-4 post hidden by jury.

sanders supporters just don't want any truth about their candidate. Just going to stay away from GD-P they are over the edge over there. nasty too.
May 13, 2016

Here is what is puzzling to me about America's "shrinking middle class:"

Who are these people shopping at the malls, filling the restaurants, filling the grocery stores, filling the cruise ships, filling the airlines, filling the trains and computer trains, attending the rodeos, auto shows, auto races, filling the casinos, buying time-shares, filling the basketball and football stadiums and buying all those $5.00 hot dogs and $3.00 drinks, filling up all the resort areas and Disneylands, and amusement parks, dude ranches, and hotels. And who the hell are those people causing all those 4-6 hour traffic jams during rush hours? Who are those people at Wal-Mart, Costco, SAMS, buying all those mega-screen TVs, building all those home theaters, and buying all those price automobiles? There are too many of them to be in the 1% or the bottom 10% so who the hell are they?

Somebody is lying about this economy...wonder who they are too?

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