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Jitter65's Journal
Jitter65's Journal
July 8, 2016

Is the person shooting police in Dallas now (Larry O'Donnel MSNBC now)trying to start a race war?

It is said that a long gun is being used. I doubt it is anyone black with a long gun.

July 8, 2016

Whatever Mr. Sanders has planned for Philly, the only protest that should take place should be about

today's murdering cops and changing the law enforcement system and Hillary and Bernie should both lead the protest!

July 8, 2016

someone ought to organize to take voter registration documents to all the rallies that will take

place over these murdering cops. Black lives matter...and so do Black votes!!

July 8, 2016

Is it really that blacks commit crimes at a higher rate? Or are they just arrested at a higher rate

and booked as criminals. Is driving with a broken tail light a crime that blacks get stopped for at higher rates than white? If cops were in rural areas in the numbers they patrol black areas would and arrested the whites in rural areas for their crimes of crack, meth, heroine, pot, petty theft would that change the stats? Even on Wall Street, if white collar workers were arrested for their drug use, their pilfering of candy, gum, fruit etc. from vendors would they be counted as crimes? What about the motorcycle gangs that rob banks, rob stores, steal goods, abuse kids and women? Are they arrested in the numbers that they should be? Police are out in numbers in black areas looking for opportunities to make arrests and justly so. BUT they should be out in the same numbers making arrests in white areas for the same crimes. Check out the crime stats in gated communities and well off neighborhoods. Robberies take place all the time...the perps are not usually found or arrested. There are well known organized crime rings operating in those neighborhoods but the reporting is scant and arrests are few. The victims collect their insurance and few if any make publicized claims.

I call BS on what some are saying about blacks committing more crimes than others. They are simply arrested more frequently and documented.

July 7, 2016

YES!! We are sick and tired of hearing about her damn e-mails! We want JUSTICE for the black men

women and children being murdered by the police. We want guns removed from our streets so that black men women and children can no longer shoot, wound, or kill each other!!

We want Congress and the Justice Department and the President to pay attention to the renegade police state we are now facing.


There needs to be a new vocal movement about the POLICE STATE!!

July 7, 2016

Two more innocent black men murdered at the hands of police...and MSNBC wants to talk e-mails and


This is a gun crazed nation and the NRA promotes open carry and being armed. Being armed means a certain death sentence for a black man who seeks to carry for protection. Both incidents captured on video and streamed. In AL no matter what happened prior it was murder when you shoot a man in the head while he is laying on the ground, unable to reach for anything.

In MN a black man can't even obey the police and reach for his license and registration. What trauma to the child in the car to see her dad shot and her mom placed in handcuffs.

It is even hard to type through the tears...I am so sick to heart about how police think it is just fine to shoot a black man or woman on any whim...whites in the same situation are NEVER treated this way.

July 6, 2016

Loretta just slapped the GOP in the balls

She accepted FBI recs
and closed the case!
July 6, 2016

GOP making the same mistake they have always made with the Clintons: "piling on."

Most people don't like it from all the way back to Whitewater, Travelgate etc. They will eventually turn the Clintons into victims with their overreach. They haven't learned anything from Benghazi. Comey going to the Hill tomorrow will be another piling on move and right now people are sick and tired of it except for the Trumpsters.

July 5, 2016

Trumps biggest mistake was over using "crooked Hillary"

Nobody except folks already voting for trump finds today s news a revelation.
It has become a yawn and after so many years of stalking the Clintons voters are sick of it. Lots of people love Hillary just as they do Bernie. More people voted for Hillary and have excused her mistakes which she has confessed. Never Trump!

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