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Jitter65's Journal
Jitter65's Journal
June 3, 2016

Are there any members of the NRA out there who would honestly support Hillary and her

push for more rational and stronger gun control? It would be nice to have one or two, if they exist, campaign with her. Gun violence and gun related deaths are epidemic in this country now, rivaling auto-related deaths.

June 3, 2016

I'm thinking that those super PACs for Hillary ought to be producing ads that not only attack Trump

but also educate the voters about reality politics.

The so-called "establishment" needs to be explained honestly...the good the bad the ugly. The good far outweighs the bad and the ugly and voters ought to told.

Sure, Wall Street and vulture bankers are greedy and out for the bottom line. Sure the system is rigged but it has been rigged from the beginning ever since only the landed-gentry were the only one who could vote.

But the "establishment" Democrats are who bought us Social Security, Medicare, voting rights, civil rights, consumer protection laws, support for education, Pell grants, student national defense loans, the VA and unemployment insurance and payments. Are these systems perfect? NO!! But they are in many cases what stands between life and death, homelessness, sickness, and help for millions of citizens and others in this country. We need to work to change what is bad and ugly and that won't happen with a revolution. It will only happen with hard work, cooperation, and a unified government working for the people. Obama never had that luxury and that is too bad. But people need to stop playing the blame game and the demon game that only Trump and Bernie seem to be playing right now. That is the big difference and that is what people need to know!!

June 3, 2016

I just hope Hillary has some good spokespeople out there to answer what the Trump camp

will come back at her with. I hope they can set the record straight on Benghazi and Iraq. It is time to lift the entire burden of the Iraq war off Hillary's shoulders. They need to show more of her Senate floor speech on the Iraqi vote. It was also brilliant and folks need to be reminded that it was a tough decision for ALL those who voted for it.

June 3, 2016

Listening to CNN anderson Cooper.

Do you really think Hillary is not ready to answer the foreign policy issues they are bringing up.

First off, trying to blame Hillary for Russian invasion of Georgia is silly. That happened under Bush.

Libya: The Sec. of State does not make the final decision on foreign policy actions..the President does. She may have supported removing Gaddafi but so did most of our allies and many of the people in Libya. Obama has admitted that there should have been a better plan for the aftermath.

ISIS is not a creation of Hillary but rather part of the fallout from Iraq.

And most of the Military brass agree with her positions on Syria that Obama failed to implement.

It is still the President who makes the final foreign policy decisions.

I am confident that Hillary will step up and take responsibility for her mistakes but also set the record straight about really went wrong and what was really going on in all of those situations.

June 3, 2016

Really nasty protestor outside Trump rally on CNN. Reported to be Bernie supporters some carrying

signs "We want socialism." Not a good showing for Bernie supporters. But then we already know how disruptive they can be and now many more people know. They are behaving like the violent Trump supporters we have seen in the past.

I hope Hillary comes out and disavows this kind of vicious protesting. It denies people their right to expresses their rights. Hillary supporters protest at the ballot box and she should ask that they continue to do so.

Rise, Hillary, rise. Keep your campaign positive, perceptive, patriotic, and pragmatic. keep both Trump and Bernie on the ropes. Rope-a-dope.

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