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Jitter65's Journal
Jitter65's Journal
July 12, 2016

How much o the Congressional hearing today designed to steal

The limelight from Dem unity taking place in NH ?

July 10, 2016

If actual changes are going to be made in policing across the country the one main way it will

change for the better is for POLICE UNIONS AND THE FRATERNAL ORDER OF POLICE change their stance that cops are always right and that they must be defended at all costs...even the cost of other policeman's safety and effectiveness. The unions that justly defend their members MUST make it clear that in order to be defended the police must NOT engage in biased and belligerent behaviors. They MUST not perform illegal actions just to get convictions of people they believe but can't prove committed a crime...like planting evidence. BAD COPS WILL NOT BE DEFENDED. The police unions and communities must clamp down on BAD COPS. They should not be tolerated by communities and GOOD COPS and whistleblowers in blue must be protected and appreciated by their colleagues and communities. The Justice Department must be able to defend when appropriate but charge when necessary.

Until POC see that COPS themselves are not above the law and morally bankrupt nothing else is going to change.

July 10, 2016

Trying to make Trump someone that he isn't to appeal to minorities just is NOT going

to work...especially with Rudi by his side and all those clips of his rantings against minorities of all stripes. POC are not all fools. We usually only have the choice of the lesser of two evils and we have sense enough to choose the "lesser," 2008 was the first time we felt that at least one candidate was not "evil." Choosing Trump would certainly be choosing "evil" simply because of the people who are his ardent supporters if not himself.

July 9, 2016

My biggest fear is that RW extremist will use Dallas to accomplish what they have longed for...

a race war against POCs..not just blacks because in many cases they really can't tell who is and who isn't African American.

These cowards will begin all kinds of anonymous shenanigans and may even shoot at a few cops to get things started. The FBI should be monitoring social media very, very closely...at home and abroad.

July 9, 2016

I would like to make an observation and express a concern about the Dallas killings...

First. I heard this in a passing statement made by one of persons being interviewed by CNN. The parents of the shooter were divorced. I don't remember if it was mentioned when that divorce took place but shooter lived with his mother. AND his father had recently re-married and had married a white woman.

Now before anyone attacks me for being against interracial marriages or a hater of whites...I am the product of an interracial marriage. I loved both my parents dearly and they loved me (now deceased). I also have half-brothers and sisters, three black, one white. We all very young when our parents divorced and grew up in a loving family with little or no obvious or negative feelings about our skin colors or our parents. As very young children, there was not even a hint of any kind of differentiation from either side, at least in the eyes of 3-7 year olds. As we grew into adulthood and married and had children of our own, it became apparent to us all that things and relationships were changing and so were feelings. Not that we still don't feel the love we all shared but there is no question that we all drifted...our lives were different, our circles were different and it was felt by all though not outwardly discussed. This drifting even happens in families of a single race.

I say all this to express what may have set this mad, angry young man off to commit the unforgivable horror that he did. Just think about it. (My father, whom I love so much, leaves my mother whom I also love so much and I witness her pain on a daily basis. And the cause of my mom's pain..I perceive..is this white woman who took my dad away.) Just let that sink in for a while. And set these possible thoughts against the background of seeing two helpless black men being shot and killed by white cops and knowing or at least feeling that nothing will be done about it. Think about it.

Second: Our President will venture to Dallas in a few days as he tries to do what he feels he can do to help heal and bridge this nation's divisions. He needs a hedge of positive thoughts, prayers, and energy to protect him while he is there. Dallas has many good decent people but Dallas also has a many fiercely racist, bigoted, and weaponized people. Just remember the history of Dallas and I will say not more than this: hold our dear President in your positive energy.

July 8, 2016

The hateful weaponization of our language, our feelings and our actions

all began in Jan 2009 when GOP senators and congressmen sat at a DC restaurant and plotted a strategy to disrespect and obstruct the nations first black President and went on public record and bragged about doing so.

The NRA and the congress that they own have new blood ontheir hands

July 8, 2016

GUNS!!!! DAMN GUNS!!! In the hands of citizens and law enforcement!

Damn them ALL!! This night is making me drink...after not having a drink for 8 months.

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