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Gender: Male
Member since: Fri Feb 26, 2016, 04:01 PM
Number of posts: 960

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Hillary Clinton says her campaign 'depends on small donations for the majority of our support'


How many mistakes, misstatements, misspeakings and outright wrong decisions did HRC made in

her professional career that have cost people to lose their livelihood and or lives? Please help compile that list.
And to the Hill Cheersquad, why would you want someone with questionable decision making skills become the leader of this country?

1. Iraq
2. Honduras
3. Healthcare flub, Bernie was standing behind her in 93/94.
4. Shape-shifting aka changing positions when it is politically convenient.
6. Libya
7. Sniper fire Bosnia
8. Death broke when they left the white house.
9. Change in her opinion on bankruptcy bill from 2001
10. Hillary Clinton Voted to Continue Cluster Bombing Civilians
11. Pro TPP called it the gold standard in trade agreements. Before she was against it.
12. "Misspoken" during Nancy Reagan's funeral about gays and HIV.
13. She had the prison industrial complex in her superpac.

Meanwhile in Germany


Obama didn't back Clinton at private fundraiser.


Remember the Ex-Im bank Hillary brought up?

There is a great article (with citations) on that bank and Hillaries involvement in it.

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