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This is kind of interesting with regard to Paul Krugman's recent dismissal of Bernie

Sanders on breaking up the banks because they represent a real and present danger to the US economy:

Elizabeth Warren Has Basically Had It With Paul Krugman’s Big Bank Nonsense
Too Big To Fail is alive and well.

Zach Carter
Senior Political Economy Reporter, The Huffington Post

But Warren directed her sharpest words at an unnamed set of people who have recently downplayed the role of big banks in the financial crisis and questioned the value of breaking up big banks — an apparent reference to the Nobel Prize-winning Krugman...
On Friday, Krugman argued that the financial crisis wasn’t really a problem of too big to fail, but rather a failure to regulate so-called shadow banks — a broad term including just about every financial activity beyond traditional loans and deposits.


Of course Krugman's remarks were part of a scathing critique of Bernie Sanders' position on breaking up the big banks.

Bernie and the Big Banks (Robert Reich 4/10/16)

"The recent kerfluffle about Bernie Sanders purportedly not knowing how to bust up the big banks says far more about the threat Sanders poses to the Democratic establishment and its Wall Street wing than it does about the candidate himself. Of course Sanders knows how to bust up the big banks. He’s already introduced legislation to do just that. And even without new legislation a president has the power under the Dodd-Frank reform act to initiate such a breakup. But Sanders threatens the Democratic establishment and Wall Street, not least because he’s intent on doing exactly what he says he’ll do: breaking up the biggest banks."


Bernie speaks in the Vatican on same day Hillary speaks at Hong Kong fundraiser? Is it true?

Has this been posted yet? While Bernie is speaking at the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences on the global economy and environmental sustainability, Hillary will be attending a Hong Kong (global finance hotspot!) fundraiser hosted by Gary Gensler, one time partner at Goldman Sachs. I almost can't believe it. The story showed up in both US-Uncut and Daily Kos. The fundraiser is also listed on Clinton's campaign schedule.


I guess it is true, according to Clinton campaign's list of upcoming speeches: https://hillaryspeeches.com/scheduled-events/

Is this True? Bernie speaks in the Vatican on same day Hillary speaks at Hong Kong fundraiser?

Apparently, the day after the NYC debate, both Sanders and Clinton will travel abroad. While Bernie speaks at the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences on the global economy and environmental sustainability, Clinton will attend a fundraiser in Hong Kong hosted by Gary Gensler who was a partner at Goldman Sachs before heading up the Commodity Futures Trading Commission. Read the article multiple times because I thought I was probably missing something - a fundraiser in the global financial capital of Hong Kong?

CORRECTION: hmm. should I delete this post? I just read that article again and revisited the speech schedule. Didn't realize that the speeches listed were for all pro-Clinton speeches no matter who was giving them. Fundraiser, yes. Clinton attendance, no. Sorry!


An economist weighs in on MSM's willful misreading of Sanders interview in NY Daily News.

Bernie's Media Critics and Hillary Clinton Are Wrong: He Knows Exactly How to Break Up The Biggest Banks
Let’s dispel once and for all with this fiction.
By Mike Konczal / Roosevelt Institute April 6, 2016

Bernie Sanders gave some fairly normal answers on financial reform to the New York Daily News editorial board. Someone sent it to me, and as I read it I thought “yes, these are answers I’d expect for how Sanders approaches financial reform.”

You wouldn’t know that from the coverage of it, which has argued that the answers were an embarrassing failure. Caitlin Cruz at TPM argues that Sanders “struggles to explain how he would break up the banks” and that’s relatively kind. Chris Cillizza says it was “pretty close to a disaster” and David Graham says the answers on his core financial focus is “tentative, unprepared, or unaware.” Tina Nguyen at Vanity Fair writes that Sanders “admits he isn’t sure how to break up the big banks.”

This is not correct. Sanders has a clear path on how he wants to break up the banks which he described. Breaking up the banks doesn’t require, or even benefit from, describing the specifics on how the banks would end up, neither for his plans or the baby steps Dodd-Frank has already taken...


I doubt anyone who is loving the MSM's lazy misrepresentation of what Sanders said in the NY Daily News interview will bother to click the link and read the article but, if you're interested, it's a worthwhile read. Mike Konczal's blog, Rortybomb, was named one of the 25 best financial blogs by Time Magazine. (I don't know how to do the "snip" thing - everything above the link is from the beginning of the article.)

Nightline (NBC) was kind of interesting tonight.

They did a series of brief pieces on Sanders, Clinton, Cruz, and Trump in relation to the New York primary. I was prepared to switch the channel as soon as they started their hatchet job on Bernie but they didn't really do that (they did bring up that spurious claim about Bernie messing up his Daily News interview at the end of his segment) and, on the whole, they were positive in the reporting on him. What was weird was the reporting on Hillary. NBC/Nightline featured discussion (with images/video examples) of her flip-flopping character and then an interview with a fashionable elderly woman Hillary supporter at a street cafe - the woman said she was ready for a woman president and then asked the male interviewer, "aren't you?" The interviewer then answered back with "do you trust her?" Long, long pause ... and then she responds with "do you trust any politician... darling?" That was so fantastic! The woman admitted supporting Clinton while not trusting her and seeing her as a untrustworthy politician like any other, but, well, it's just time for a woman to be president. I think that was how they ended the Hillary segment. I don't know, I think that MSM piece on the candidates worked in Bernie's favor and was a nice piece of free advertising all in all! If you live in the Pacific time zone, you should still be able to see that tonight if you want to.

Media Blackout (of Bernie Campaign) Protest in LA (in front of CNN) -- live stream

Live stream of protest against mainstream media blackout of Bernie campaign (CNN specifically)

This is going on right now in front of LA CNN building.

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