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Gender: Female
Hometown: California
Current location: California
Member since: Sat Apr 16, 2016, 08:41 PM
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OMG. Chuck Todd actually showed the "tightened" polls and said

"And while it is true that these polls have some QUESTIONABLE METHODOLOGIES, it does make for good headlines!" And there you have it. I never thought I would say it...but thanks Chuckie.

OK. TV coverage...Just glancing at the shots of excited students at the university where the

debate happens tonight. I only see either T-shirts/signs for Hillary or t-shirts/signs that say "Debate 2016" (with I think maybe the university's name too). I saw ONE sign with the word Trump on it but it had so much writing I couldn't tell if it was for him or mocking him. I think tonight is Hillary's chance to show young people who are disappointed that Bernie didn't get the nom that they should vote for her and not a third party candidate.

YES! They just said on MSNBC that there will be NO

applause, cheers or booing during the debate on Monday! That will NOT be helpful to Trump. Any nasty, ignorant thing that comes out of his pie-hole will just hang in the air to stink up the place. Also,repeating empty phrases and yelling "Believe me" etc. won't evoke any cheering from his stupid supporters....unless, of course, his supporters have been told to ignore the rules and turn it into a rally...sh**...I wish I hadn't thought of that.

I have looked for the answer to this question everywhere and cannot find it!

Will the Hillary vs. PoopyPants presidential debate next week have a live audience who will be allowed to cheer and clap any time they wish? (as was allowed to happen during the primary debates) I have a vague memory of moderators of past debates telling the audience "No applause except at the beginning when the nominees come on stage."

Did anyone else notice this morning that within one minute or so after

CNN and MSNBC realized they had been played and stopped broadcasting the Trump "infomercial", Trump stopped parading his veteran supporters (ass-kissers) and gave his 30 second statement about birtherism? It looked to me like someone was monitoring how long he could get away with it, and he knew when the media cut back to the news people in the studio. After the media caught on, he ended the con game.

OK. Hillary has pneumonia. (Diagnosed by a chest Xray on Friday

after some coughing episodes). Now she is on antibiotics and is recovering. Let's see if Trump and his assholes try to make this "disqualify" her. Or try to say she has been hiding this.

Jake Tapper again shows what a right wing shill he is!

Just watched Jake Tapper start pushing how Hillary and her campaign are "again not being transparent" (or something to that effect) because she didn't notify the media corps at the 911 event that she was leaving! I am not kidding. No doubt in my mind that Tapper dreams of working for Fox Propaganda. F*** you Jake and the orange orangutan you rode in on.

Um...Does anyone think that Trump would have known

what Aleppo was if he had been asked about it last night? Bet not.


Matt Lauer had better go after Trump for the entire 30 minutes

just as he did with Hillary. By the way, I think Hillary did great!
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