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Member since: Thu Jun 16, 2016, 05:54 PM
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I'm SO glad Dumbo is speaking near the Baton Rouge airport on Friday!

Because I fly into that airport tomorrow, and I don't want to run into his sorry orange ass or have my trip disrupted for his clown-car motorcade. I hope nobody shows up.

I saw the President in NH today

and it was a wonderful experience. The whole thing...parking half a mile away, lining up, going through security...was fun. I had a wristband to stand on the floor, but wisely took the front-row seat I spotted instead. I was directly across from the podium.

I didn't know we were going to be treated to a Ken Burns speech, and honored with speeches from Gabby Giffords and Mike Kelly. Maggie Hassan got a very enthusiastic welcome, as did several other NH candidates for office.

Although I've seen President Obama speak on TV many times of course, it was almost a spiritual experience to see and hear him in person, joking about Trump's twitter being taken away (while making his point about the nuclear codes) and reminding us --Don't boo --VOTE! His sincere praise of Hillary drew the biggest cheers.

Even the parking lot jam and traffic afterwards and the long drive home were worth it. It was a good day.

What do the President and Bob Dylan have in common?

ME! Twelve years ago I went to a Bob Dylan concert at UNH in Durham NH. Monday I plan to see President Obama in that very same place. A vivid memory from the first event was that the star did not look up, not once, to acknowledge he knew there was an audience. (I still love him though.) I expect a very different experience on Monday!

Did everyone but me know Drumpf wears glasses?

On his Twitter feed is a photo of him sitting on his plane watching his wife's speech on TV. A zoom-in shows his glasses. They can't be just reading glasses, given how far away the TV is. This explains his squinty eyes in public -- he can't see, or his contacts bother him.

My poll of trick-or-treat parents: 100% blue!

I wouldn't expect otherwise in Cambridge, MA, but two dozen enthusiastic Hillary voters have made my front steps feel like a mini-victory-party. 🎃🎃🎃

Grandma! You're not supposed to swear!

Many young adults think grandparents should be like Aunt Bea and Grandma Walton, prim and proper. They should also be innocent and clueless about sex, even though they gave birth.

When my 30-year-old grandson couldn't believe I would say FUCK DONALD TRUMP, I asked him if he used the word. He said, of course. I asked him for the month and year he would stop using it because he'd aged out of the privilege. He said never. He got my point.

If Janis Joplin were alive, she'd be almost two years older than me. I bet she'd say fuck Donald Trump with a hearty laugh.

I just voted in Cambridge, MA!

Not a long line, but obviously all Clinton supporters by the gleeful way we shimmied our excitement! In the booth, I laid my Hillary button at the top of my filled-in ballot and took a picture, plus a selfie with my ballot. My daughter said she couldn't take pictures in her town because the booths were not enclosed, just partitioned. I don't know why I feel so exhilarated. Well, actually, I do. Happy Birthday, Madam President!
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