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Member since: Thu Jun 16, 2016, 05:54 PM
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Vent about having to say no to a relative asking for money.

My Louisiana sister lives with her husband, her grown daughter, and her grown grandson--so a four-income household-- but just called me with a cockamamie story about needing to get her car out of the shop, and she gave them money orders totaling $1900 but they said they don't take money orders, so she tried to return them but couldn't because they were made out to the body shop, and she can't get the money for 30 days.

I felt like saying, "Ask your God or your so-called President for help, since you always give them the credit when things are good."

But I just said politely that I didn't have $1900 right now, sorry.

It's not like it would have been a loan; I would never see that money again.

Spoiler Alert! Gripe about the movie Long Shot


It was going along just fine, the usual OK Seth Rogen movie featuring the gorgeous Charlize Theron and a lot of f-bombs. Then late in the movie, Seth's best friend, a successful rich black man, announces that he is a Republican, and kept it a secret because he knew how Seth would react. Seth was stunned. Then his friend announces that he is also a practicing Christian. Seth is blown away.

WTF! They hit us over the head with "see, there are very good people on both sides."

They really want us to believe that a Republican Christian is going to keep his shit a secret? He'd be that Blacks for Trump guy that stands behind Doofus at rallies.

Other than that, the movie wasn't bad. Wasn't great either.
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