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Member since: Thu Jun 16, 2016, 05:54 PM
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Today I am special! Michelle Obama sent me a long uplifting email,

topped with that gorgeous photo from BECOMING. She wants me to keep the conversation going, and stay in touch. She signs it "Much Love, Michelle."

This is one mailing list I am happy to be on. 👍

I love you, JLo, but we walked out after half of your movie.

True, my six-day-old replaced right shoulder-in-a-sling was starting to bother me a little, but mostly we left because Hustlers is a really bad movie. You're beautiful, but even the T&A got boring.

In the car on the way home, I read the IMDb synopsis to my husband. Turns out we didn't miss anything, but still glad we went.

** typed with left forefinger **

National Anthem before a 5K today

I've done over 20 of the Cambridge Classic 5K series, spring/summer/fall/winter, and today was the first time this happened. A live person singing the anthem like we're at a baseball game or something.

I'm used to it in arenas (although I don't really see the necessary connection between sports and flag-waving if we're not at the Olympics.) But to have 2000 people lined up waiting for GO and suddenly have to take off caps and hear a sincere young woman draw out this song, was surreal.

Maybe a change of management? I'm patriotic and I love my country as much as a sane person can at this time. But maybe not enough?

Why can't people lose something I can use!

I picked up a discarded empty box to use for shipping; it wasn't light but I figured there were packing materials inside. I got it home, opened it, and found that it was somebody's Amazon return from back in June. The label had come off, but the inside printout had the barcode and description.

I just called Amazon customer service and asked the person what to do with it. She said that since it was three months old, I should just donate the item to charity. I said but wouldn't the sender have had to pay for the item since it never arrived? She said to just donate it.

But who, besides a narrow target group, is going to want a...

"Goplus Swing Canopy Replacement Waterproof Top Cover for Outdoor Garden Patio Porch Yard, 77" x 43", Beige?"
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