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Member since: Thu Jun 16, 2016, 05:54 PM
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Just watched Cuties. No spoilers.

This is not a movie that promotes or glamorizes underage sexuality. It is a semi-documentary about one girl's yearning to belong, and the na´vetÚ that makes her fail to recognize important boundaries.

Her home life and school life are worlds apart, and juggling them is hard. The ads for the movie focus on the dancing, but dance is not sex. Music and dance have saved many a child from loneliness, and that's really what this movie is about.

VA assisted living program

My mother (97) and her husband (86) are both veterans. They live in their own house and he takes care of her, but both are in fragile health.

He just called me and said mom got a card from the VA in the mail on Monday and he called the number and a man came out yesterday and signed them up.

They will get money every month to hire household help, but since they both qualify, they will also get a check for the services he performs for my mother. He said the man told him the program has been around since the 60's.

I am shocked. We could have been benefitting from this for years? My siblings and I have researched nursing homes and debated different scenarios at every meeting. Keeping the old folks in their own home as long as possible is best.

It just sounds too good to be true. I hope people know about this and are using it.

Except for Covid and hurricanes, flying now is not bad.

Hurricane conjurer here, headed again to BR via Atlanta to help the nonagenarians. I made it last month; will I sleep in the Atlanta airport tonight? Brought food.

No crowds, everyone masked and distant, and this time the Dunkin' is open in my gate area at Logan.

Could be worse.

OMG. A Biden sign on Rt. 4 in Danbury, NH.

At the crossroads there is "Hippie Hill" where bikers rev their hogs across from Dick's store that now sports a huge Drumpf sign. No surprise there. But a mile down the road at a house that used to have the same sign, there is now a BIDEN/HARRIS sign.

I'm so excited I almost want to turn around and look at it again but hubby (driver) says no. 😁

I just made eggplant and black bean veggie burgers from scratch.

I am not a good cook; I just throw things together. These came out good.

Our eggplants this year turned out to be long and very thin. I half-peeled a dozen, threw them in the chopper, did same with an onion and a drained can of black beans and three jalape˝os we grew. Drained it some through a sieve, added two eggs and a little brown sugar. It was too wet so added bread crumbs.

Just fried up a patty and it sure looks and tastes like a burger to me. 🙂

You, too, can make big bucks in a vaccine trial, says Facebook.

I just talked to a person in a two-month Covid trial. He saw it on FB and applied. He's getting $2,000. He gets two shots, a month apart, and has to give daily reports on his reactions or side effects etc.

After talking to him, I searched trials on FB and found a couple, and now they're popping up in my newsfeed. I am not interested in doing one, but I find it interesting that this is out there.
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