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Member since: Mon Jun 20, 2016, 06:20 PM
Number of posts: 7,060

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Holy Bunions! France (with population of one-fifth of USA) has 32,000 Covid cases in a day.

That is out of control.


538 now puts Biden ahead in Georgia!

Polling average

Trump: 46.5%
Biden: 48.0%

Projected vote share for Nov. 3

Trump: 49.5%
Biden: 49.7%


We received a flier from the Trump campaign with a mail-in ballot application, endorsed by Trump.

On the front it says, “President Trump needs you to act now.”

At the back it has a picture of Trump and states: “I will be an absentee voter. We have a lot of absentee voters. It works, so we are in favor of absentee.”

Are there two president Trumps? I ask, because the president Trump I have seen has been claiming that mail-in voting is rife with fraud and is the Democrats' way of rigging the election. But here he is encouraging people to vote by mail!

If Trump loses & uses dog whistles to call for rioting & bloodshed. What should be done about Trump?

Something I saw on Twitter captures Trump very well.

See graphic in reply to Trump post.


Please let's not talk about the details of Trump's discharge. I'm about to eat!

Reminder: Just a couple of days ago, during debate, Trump mocked Joe Biden for wearing a mask.


Trump has such a negative effect on America, finally there's something positive about him!

Does Trump's Covid diagnosis put a wrecking ball in the Biden campaign?

Things that worry me:

1/ How will it look to be attacking Trump, if he is sick? The Biden campaign will be criticized for it. But meanwhile, Team Trump can keep on attacking Biden.

2/ The same goes for the media. Are they going to go easy on Trump?

3/ Look at what happened to UK's Boris Johnson. His approval SKYROCKETED after he was infected - from 46% to 66% (see the YouGov link below). If Trump got half that, he would win the election.


4/ If Trump is hospitalized and cannot campaign, the right will never accept the result and say Biden won because Trump was incapacitated.
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