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Woman spends $1.2 million mistakenly deposited into her bank account, arrested


A 911 dispatcher working for the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office was arrested Wednesday for allegedly refusing to return more than $1.2 million that Charles Schwab & Co. had mistakenly been deposited into her brokerage account, authorities said. Kelyn Spadoni, 33, of Harvey, was fired after being booked with theft valued over $25,000, bank fraud and illegal transmission of monetary funds, said Capt. Jason Rivarde, a Sheriff's Office spokesperson. Spadoni could not be reached for comment Thursday.

Spadoni is accused of immediately moving the money to another account and using some of the ill-gotten cash to buy a new car and a house, authorities said. Though the money was put into her account, Rivarde said, "It's not her money."

"She has no legal claim to that money," he added. "Even if it was put in there by mistake. It was an accounting error." Spadoni is also being sued in federal court by Charles Schwab & Co. The company has accused Spadoni of dodging their calls, text messages and emailed attempts to recover the money.

According to the lawsuit, filed Tuesday in the U.S. District Court in New Orleans, Spadoni opened an account with Schwab in January. About a month later, the company installed an "enhancement" to the software used to transfer assets, court records said. On Feb. 23, Schwab meant to transfer $82.56 into a Fidelity Brokerage Services account also owned by Spadoni. But the company, instead, transferred $1,205,619, court records said. Staffers with the company immediately tried to stop or reclaim the transfer, but couldn't.

Millions Locked Down Again as Canada Rues Vaccine Failure

Back in December, before the COVID-19 variants changed the course of the pandemic, Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau bragged that he had procured enough potential vaccines to protect a population four times the size of Canada. But four months later, not even two percent of Canada’s population of just under 38 million is fully vaccinated and large swaths of the country are going back into lockdown thanks to a brutal third wave.

Canada has logged nearly one million cases and 23,000 deaths since the beginning of the pandemic. Trudeau had hoped to get the population vaccinated by June but now says all Canadians who want a vaccine will get one by the end of September. Canada is one of the only large economies in the world that did not attempt to manufacture its own coronavirus vaccine. Meanwhile, the variants are taking hold.

On Wednesday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, launched a stark warning that even fully vaccinated Americans should avoid travel to Canada. And if they do go for essential purposes, they should be tested three to five days upon return. “This isn’t the news any of us wanted, but hospitalizations are surging, ICU beds are filling up, variants are spreading and even people who had convinced themselves they didn’t need to be concerned are getting sick,” Trudeau said at a news conference Tuesday. “Even if the sun is shining and the weather is getting warmer, COVID-19 isn’t done with us yet,” he said, calling the third wave of the pandemic “very serious.”

More troubling still is that most of the new cases being seen in the hospital’s intensive care units are increasingly younger patients, according to Canada’s top health expert. “While COVID-19 continues to impact people of all ages in Canada, infection rates are highest among those aged 20 to 39 years of age,” Theresa Tam, Canada’s chief public health officer, said in a statement Wednesday. “As well, we are seeing an increased number of adults, under the age of 60 years being treated for COVID-19 in hospital, including in intensive care units.”


So is Trump ever going to prison?

Even after 1/6 happened? Seems like in only 4 months people already forgot and moved on.

Teens accused in fatal carjacking of Uber Eats driver to reportedly get cushy plea deal

The two teen girls accused of killing an Uber driver in a botched carjacking in Washington, DC, in March are expected to reach a plea deal with prosecutors in the case. The bargain should be reached in the coming days, but it’s unclear if it will fully resolve the case, according to the Washington Post.

The girls are due back in court on April 20 to discuss the status of the case, the outlet said. The pair, ages 13 and 15, have been charged with felony murder, carjacking and armed robbery in the deadly incident, which they allegedly carried out near Nationals Park in the Southeast section of the nation’s capital.

Under DC law, the 13-year-old can’t be charged as an adult — even in a murder case, according to the Post. The 15-year-old suspect could be charged as an adult, but that would increase the burden of proof on prosecutors, the report said. In juvenile court in the district, defendants who are found “responsible” — meaning guilty — may only be jailed until the age of 21, according to the outlet.

Driver Mohammad Anwar, 66, was killed during the attempted carjacking last month as the two girls, allegedly armed with a Taser, tried to navigate the car down the street, cops said.


GRAPHIC WARNING: OKC police release videos taken during deadly hostage situation at jail

Jesus, what a fucked up country we live in.


Oklahoma City police released new videos taken during a hostage situation Saturday at the Oklahoma County Detention Center. The inmate who took a detention officer hostage was shot and killed by police. Police released video from inside the jail and from two officers' bodycam footage. We want to warn you that some of these videos are intense.

According to officials, Saturday evening, Oklahoma City police were called in after Curtis Williams, an Oklahoma County jail inmate, took a detention officer's keys, tied him up and took him hostage. Police said Williams then let out other inmates from their cells and then an inmate got ahold of the knife and stabbed the detention officer multiple times. Shortly after that, Williams got the knife again and held it to the officer’s throat as police arrived on scene.

"That's a very dangerous situation. I don't know why you'd put somebody on their knees unless your preparing to continue that assault further,” Police Chief Wade Gourley said.


Police: Man with pole trashes Asian-owned convenience store

An Asian-owned convenience store in Charlotte, North Carolina, was trashed by a man who wielded a metal post and yelled racial slurs, according to police and a son of the store's owners.

Surveillance footage shows a man pulling a merchandise rack to the floor and swinging a street sign post into the glass of the refrigerators. A man who appears to a friend of the attacker cheers him on.

The attack occurred Tuesday at a store called Plaza Sundries that is downtown near Charlotte's main transit hub. And it falls in the wake of an attack on a woman of Asian descent in New York City and the fatal shooting of eight people at three Atlanta-area massage businesses. Six of those victims were women of Asian descent.

Despite the increase in attention on such attacks, the violence and racially charged language was nothing new, said Mark Sung, whose parents own the store, and his wife Grace Lee Sung.

“When my husband got the call (about the attack), it was like a routine,” Lee Sung said. “He was like, ”Okay, check the mess. See the surveillance. File the (police) report."

The pandemic has fueled the tension, the couple said, with some people blaming the coronavirus on the store's owners. They have lived in the U.S. for decades since moving from South Korea.

“It's like, ‘Hey, you’re different,'” Lee Sung said, offering a sanitized summary of the insults. “’You obviously can’t be from around here. Go back to your country.'”


Texas woman allegedly killed 6-year-old son for $100,000 in insurance money

A Houston woman took out two life insurance policies on her 6-year-old son before giving him lethal doses of medications and over the counter drugs that caused him frightening hallucinations before he died, prosecutors said Thursday. Prosecutors with the Harris County District Attorney’s Office allege that Ashley Marks repeatedly drugged her son in June. Marks, 25, has been charged with capital murder and was being held without bond. Court records did not list an attorney for her.

An autopsy ruled the boy’s death a homicide after finding toxic amounts of methamphetamine and cocaine and various antihistamines, according to court records. The boy’s grandfather told Houston police that after Marks had given her son medicine, the boy started hallucinating and “believed there were bugs on his clothing” and that his grandson “became scared of his hallucinations,” according to court documents.

The grandfather, Adam Marks, told police that after he told his daughter that her son had hallucinated after taking his medicine, she told him to give him more. He told police he did not comply, according to court records. The boy and his sister were living with their grandfather at the time of his death. Adam Marks told police that his daughter gave her son more medicine, Nyquil, a few hours before he died, police said. According to the manufacturer, Nyquil should not be given to children under 12 years old.

Investigators said they discovered that Ashley Marks had taken out two life insurance policies, each worth $50,000, for her son and she was the sole beneficiary, according to court documents. The policies were taken out about a month before the boy’s death. Marks is a licensed insurance agent, police said.


Anyone here collect dolls as a hobby? Just got into it

I just recently got into collecting dolls for a hobby and already I'm ending up with a huge collection. A lot of older people are dying now and getting rid of their collections which are worth far less now, seems there's way less interest among the younger generation. And frequent trips to the flea markets and thrift stores with $1-$2 dolls...well, it's a fun hobby for me anyway if no one else can appreciate how beautiful they still are.

What did you do with your $1400 stimulus?

Just curious to see what you did with it, to those who got it. I used it to pay my debts, it really helped a lot.
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