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Report: Accuser of Virginia Lt. Gov. says she was also raped by Duke basketball player in 1999

The second woman to accuse embattled Virginia lieutenant governor Justin Fairfax of sexual assault claims the alleged incident occurred a year after she said she was also raped by an unnamed Duke basketball player, A.J. Perez of USA Today reports.

Meredith Watson came forward Friday alleging that Fairfax raped her 19 years ago while the two were students at Duke, describing the incident as “premeditated and aggressive” and noting they had been friends at the time in a statement released by her lawyer.

In a second statement released later Friday, Watson claimed the attack was tied to another rape involving a Duke basketball player that allegedly occurred a year earlier in 1999. Watson reportedly told Fairfax about the incident.

From USA Today:

“He revealed that Ms. Watson was the victim of a prior rape,” Nancy Erika Smith, Watson’s attorney, wrote in the second statement. “That is true. Ms. Watson was raped by a basketball player during her sophomore year at Duke. She went to the Dean, who provided no help and discouraged her from pursuing the claim further. Ms. Watson also told friends, including Justin Fairfax. Mr. Fairfax then used this prior assault against Ms. Watson, as he explained to her during the only encounter she had with him after the rape.”

“She left a campus party when he arrived, and he followed her out. She turned and asked, ‘Why did you do it?’ Mr. Fairfax answered: “I knew that because of what happened to you last year, you’d be too afraid to say anything.”


That poor woman

Do we demand all these people resign ? Whats the answer?

Ralph Northam
Justin Fairfax
Mark Herring
Elizabeth Warren

Lets Pile on... The Purity test continues

So now a stupid immature action 34 years -- not illegal--just stupid...three and a half DECADES AGO

No forgiveness..we dont forgive

No caring

No second chances

It doesnt matter what he has done for THE PAST 34 YEARS !! NOPE !!

It doesnt matter his first act as Gov was protecting people of color against racism.

Nope... send him packing.

Pick him apart and eat our own

Lets pile on and run off a decent man for a dumb thing ...34 friggin years ago.

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