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bagelsforbreakfast's Journal
bagelsforbreakfast's Journal
March 22, 2017

When Anne Coulter thinks you're too conservative Donald, watch out...!

I have never been on Breitbart.com before (well maybe once a year ago, for a quick second because of the election) but heard via Dailykos.com they were critical of TRUMPCARE/RYANCARE/MENGELECARE whatever you want to call it. So I checked it out and --

And found this:

TWEETS from Anne Coulter (yes that one):

GOP: When did you get the sense that Americans are clamoring for a tax cut to help the “job creators”?

"Job creators" aren’t popular right now. They’re creating jobs in Indonesia and jobs for lobbyists.


The only thing that got the GOP this win that voters thought Trump was going to abandon this crazy corporatist agenda.

GOP response to Trump's victory has been to double-down on all the ugly unpopular policies that make GOP hated."

Not listening to Drudge, Breitbart, Fox, etc. I'm a bit amazed at this from a right-wing crazy. Anyone else surprised? Love that the GOP is breaking up into all these divisive factions. And interesting to see such a tirade against the Corporate state from the right.

February 16, 2017


After reading the new Vanity Fair article (with it's double message of only 71% of Trump voters would vote for him now but also that Trump would beat Elizabeth Warren 42-26), it seems Democrats need a short easily understood message that clearly puts economics first (to galvanize everyone to action -- including Trump white voters. Get back the Democratic numbers that killed Goldwater).

Warren has been super on many things but we need to realize what Thomas Frank and others have put forth following the election (that it's still not "playing" in Kansas, for example). Trump voters see others as having jumped ahead of them in line and getting lots of free stuff they don't/can't get (like SNAP money and subsidies for the ACA). Hence their resentment.

So as a more equal economy also increases everyone's rights (as in the USA during FDR to Regan years), a simple clear slogan like "SHARE THE MONEY" could be the new "SHOW ME THE MONEY." Worked for Cuba Gooding's character.

We know Trump's circle (and Ryan, etc.) is bent on sucking more money out of the budget to redistribute upward to his friends, selling off public assets cheap to them and then demanding tax cuts for them. They are not shy about getting theirs! Time to rally everyone else in a new economic class war like the 1930s. "Fight for 15," etc. Point out their power grab is a MONEY grab above anything else and take back what the 1% have grabbed over the past 45 years.

After all, it's the "Sharing Economy" now -- so SHARE THE MONEY!

February 14, 2017

Has anyone asked Trump if Flynn was forced out because of...

a. giving alternative facts?


b. lying?

Would be interesting to hear.

(actually, giving alternative fact about alternative facts might be closer to home )

January 28, 2017

was the ACA "doughnut hole" specifically calculated to...

Energize lower-class racial strife in red states?

Just wondering.

Recently encountered red state man making $7k/year faced with paying over $400/mo for insurance, no subsidy, no version of medical in his state; might even have been black himself - totally against Obama and "Obamacare."

Got me thinking. Was this DELIBERATELY done? Not just to thwart democrats but because of some long-term plan hatched in Kotch-like Republican think-tank?

January 26, 2017

suggested required viewing...

No more Corey Bookers voting against Seniors and people hurting for Rx drugs
No more Feinsteins voting for Sessions and that crowd
No more Trump sympathziers.
No more ACA surrenderers.
No more pragmatic appeasers.
No more considering Social Security and Medicare cuts as a "Grand Bargain."
No more 1% BULLSH*T and fellow-travelers on the Democratic side.

Or do we need a new party? Maybe that's the reality.

Please watch this:

I like this one better:

Sorry for the weird editing - I updated with another video and it repeated the original. This morning I tried to edit and instead it cut the original. So there's some trick to editing your posts here that I don't yet know.
January 23, 2017

Hearing the Trump team lies is a privilege...

not a right - so sayeth the Queen of Evil:

The administration may “rethink [its] relationship with the press” if the media continues to criticize Spicer, Conway threatened.

January 22, 2017

Should we embrace a coming economic collapse?

Because it's almost a given we're overdue for one of those periodic capital market corrections like 2009. Even Trump's minions are worried about this.

And since in the last one --
No one from Wall Street went to jail
The Republicans launched the Tea Party to capitalize on it and put the blame on Obama when it was Bush and his ilk's fault
The Republicans are still attacking even the weak responses like Dodd-Frank with a goal to eradicate them...

what happens when THE FIRE NEXT TIME hits? (just saw an ad for the Baldwin film opening in Feb)

will it be 1932 again?
will there be an FDR emerging?

will the Tea Party protesters finally see the wolves in sheep's clothing? Will they go along with another bailout?
Will Dem's cave enough to give them bi-partisan cover or will they have b*lls enough to make the Republicans own it?

or will things turn even darker like Germany in 1933?

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