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Member since: Tue Aug 23, 2016, 05:33 PM
Number of posts: 7,990

Journal Archives

Be of good cheer: Only three weekends to go

Thought I had closed my Facebook account but still get requests for friends crap

I can't login back in now so is there any way to stop these constant nags?

Worth asking magats to watch this video debunking of their "survival of the fittest" idea.

Indeed it would be a good recap for most of us.

I make a point of asking people what they think it means and almost all get it wrong.

It can lead to some interesting discussions.

What, no tweets so far today?

To think Dukakis rode in a tank wearing a helmet? The sheer audacity of being safe.

Hilarious list - 40 smartest people of all time - no drumpf


Every reporter need to tell him there will be 400,000 dead and 100 million infected by January.

Every reporter.

Every press conference.

Drumpf is prime proof that humans can actually ABSORB IGNORANCE

I will have empathy for drumpf once all the children he has tortured are free and healthy again

Could Nancy Pelosi, as POTUS, sack Barr, the Cabinet, release Mueller's full report etc etc

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