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Member since: Tue Aug 23, 2016, 04:33 PM
Number of posts: 8,186

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Is there any chance the budget will ever include taxing churches and all the fake "religions"?

Start with Scientology.

What a revenue pool.

Watched "Burning" on Amazon Prime last night. Highly recommended.

Horrific future awaits unless we stop idiots determining environmental policies.

Got a 403 Forbiden message

Friend runs a dealership. Used to have 150 cars on lot. Now 20.

Things are changing rapidly.

Why do I now have to Login every session - Keep Login never works?

Then it goes back to the wrong page

GOP to supplement trickle down economics with free bootstraps. Subject to means test.

Santa Rosa, CA had 7.24" rain so far today. Still pouring down.

Likely 8" by midnight.

Sunday, October 24 4.40 pm now.

7.8" now just before 6pm

Remember when fartfuck accused nurses and doctors of lying and stealing? Watch this video


Remember when we lost all our freedom when they made us wear seatbelts?

Just to save a few million lives?

You could find more people to eat butthole soup than attended that J6 rally.

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