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JHan's Journal
JHan's Journal
July 27, 2017

"to the "socially conscious" objectors who didn't vote".....

"I just saw a middle-aged man from West Africa who is living with HIV and has been in the US since the mid 2000s. He came here on asylum and has been applying repeatedly and appealing rejections each time. He works construction and got insurance to pay for his HIV meds and has been doing well.

He told me today that he was fired due to 45's initiatives trying to purge the US of non-white immigrants who are not citizens yet. He had to scramble to get the Medicaid-funded AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP) so he can continue to get his meds, but missed 10 days in the process.

To those of you who pseudo-intellextualize your decision to "take a stand and not vote last year because of apathy, anger about Bernie not being the candidate, or because "Hillary was just as bad," please sit the fuck down. It's great to blog and get hundreds of "likes" for typing half-baked ideas in social media spaces as you stand defiant and stern in your decision to let this disaster happen - but what is happening to people in the US now as a result is very real and will be adversely impacting people's lives and health for years to come. This clown in the White House is systematically dismantling programs that are going to kill people. My patient's clinical outcome depends on this idiot that many Americans allowed to assume power. If you think that none of this will affect you because you're not HIV-positive, you're dead wrong.

When the Republicans destroy Medicaid, my patient won't be able to get meds because ADAP will be impacted by these cuts. He will get sick, and will likely die and/or get deported, whichever comes first. He has been a productive worker in this country for 13 years, and this is what he gets.

So spare me with your posts/articles about being an HIV advocate and "doing the work" if you didn't vote last year. You ain't doing shit - you actively contributed to setting this country back decades, just when we are starting to see a decrease in new HIV cases in many areas.

And oh yeah, the used car salesman you allowed to get in the White House just banned our transgender brothers and sisters from serving in the military.

So while you're at it, take your "LGBT advocacy" social media diatribes and shove them up your asses.
I hope you're all proud of yourselves. You really made your point by being the "socially conscious" objectors who didn't vote. Well done."

From a public status on FB.

I've zero empathy for the narcissism of those who refused to vote, the "Meh, Guess I'm With her" idiots, the faux piety of conscience voters. It was always going to be an uphill battle, especially knowing Trump would indulge in white resentment to the hilt.

Sure Clinton made tactical errors but we are left with the outcomes and that is ALL that matters in elections - not the career of a politician who ran and lost, or even a political party, but the OUTCOMES and the impact of these outcomes on our quality of life.

Nothing else matters. If you squandered the opportunity to prevent these outcomes, you are culpable and own the Trumpster fire that is this presidency.

July 19, 2017

Maybe journos should ask black voters why we vote the way we do instead of tweeting nonsense:

For a whole year countless articles about Trump supporters, maybe hundreds about Bernie supporters - The number profiling HRC supporters? - ----------------- I could count on one hand ( maybe both if I'm lucky) the number of articles profiling clinton supporters.

so shut up Matt:

this exchange...

These reasons reflect my own...

So maybe instead of trying to school someone about the motivations of african americans and our voting habits or whether there's "Over interpretation" of how we vote, Matt should do something journalists , for the most part, couldn't be assed to do last year -
...talk to us.

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