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Member since: Fri Oct 7, 2016, 03:04 PM
Number of posts: 15,475

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Heroic entity.

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White House occupant* "takes a knee" with Flag Up disrespect

* domicile of the republican Draft-Dodger-in-Chief

I like people who weren't captured*

* by lowlife evil empire** russian-republican darkside money-laundering bagmen & goons under the direction of Pooty Freaking Poot.

I'm just sayin...

** per ronald freaking reagan

Damn it. Value of North Korea-Dirty Donny* Peace Medallion is plummeting

With KGOP republicans running a planet-wide shit show, one must be careful which Peace Medallions one invests in.

Deep Doo Doo for Dirty Donny* (R)

I'm just sayin...

* aka republican Draft-Dodger-in-Chief

The KGOP republican Trifecta of Doom

1. Skank the economy. Gag us all with two-scoops more tax cuts for the rich, and extra more trade-war tariffs to throttle America's farms and industries. Republicans are running America as if it were a casino.

2. Massacre the natural world for short-term profit. While the great American West burns, and the great American East drowns, and the Poles both North and South continue their creaking, cracking and smacking apart into the sea, the republican plan is to continue to shitcan regulations that protect human beings, and to DRILL BABY DRILL to accentuate all of the above, while continuing to LIE TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE AND TO THE WORLD about the clear and presently dangerous reality of raging Climate Chaos.

3. Undermine US National Security & Power. The ongoing attacks on America's 17 Intelligence Services, and the butt-kissing of the kremlin by the illegitimate republican cabal in the occupied White House are an unpatriotic, anti-American, and anti-democratic disgrace. Combined with the shameful republican #ShanghaiSurrender & the super-secret occulted republican-russian #HelsinkiStinky (along with a lot of other super stanky shit that I'm not going to catalog in this rant but that you damn likely know about already if you are even halfway paying attention), this element of the republican Trifuckta of Doom is unmistakeable.

Has the republican Draft-Dodger-in-Chief responded to Admiral McRaven?

or is he chickening out again to go squander another $3 million of our hard-earned tax dollars on luxury, glorious, golden, gourmet golf for himself?

Mexico sending hundreds of firefighters to Canada to battle blazes

Meanwhile republican comrade Dirty Donny* squanders our tax money by luxuriating at his billionaire republican gourmet exclusive golf club with his fatcat republican cronies, and figures out ways to continue pissing on our good neighbors north and south. He's so damn busy leading the republican surrender of America to his bankers in the kremlin, that he is actively and shamefully ignoring the catastrophic/apocalyptic fires in America's West. That constitutes a historically cowardly dereliction of duty.

All together this ranks as a total KGOP republican trif*ckta of the American people. America needs a real leader. An honest leader. A leader who will unite and move us forward.

* aka republican Draft-Dodger-in-Chief

Link to the story in Mother Jones:

What happened with the Tightie Whitey Wiggle Walk in DC?

Wasn't that supposed to happen yesterday? Not seeing any news. Maybe some of the republican incels got smudges on their chinos and golf shirts? Something like that maybe coulda ruined their plans?

Republicans want suggestions for naming their first SpaceForce rocket

So I have to vote for the natural, wildly popular, and entirely appropriate choice:

Pooty McPootFace (R)

KGOP republicans select 2018 election theme song

Take it away Betty Soo (I love you) !!

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