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Profile Information

Gender: Male
Home country: USA
Current location: Left Coast
Member since: Mon Oct 10, 2016, 06:19 PM
Number of posts: 6,403

About Me

A Reformed Republican who has seen evil and shook its hand. (Nixon) He now spends his time trying to change the world for the better.

Journal Archives

Standards for Impeachment

I look at a number of legal blogs from time to time because they are largely conservative in the viewpoints given. This one is rather detailed, timely and against Herr Groper.

Suppose a president refuses to accept extensive evidence, validated by executive-branch and congressional investigations, that a foreign power has engaged in aggressive subversion of the American electoral process. The actions include hacking into the files of political party organizations and attempts to penetrate the voter registration records maintained by state boards of elections. The intelligence community and Congress each report their conclusions that these attacks will continue.

The president aggressively questions these findings in communications with the American public, and he signals to the leader of the hostile foreign state that he will not join in the condemnation of these aggressive cyberattacks.

The president also fires the official in charge of the investigation into the Russian interventions and reassures representatives of this foreign state in person, in the Oval Office, that he thereby removed a source of “great pressure” on the relationship he wants with that nation. He then launches a series of virulent public attacks on the special counsel who is subsequently appointed to investigate the full extent of this electoral intervention and any collusion that may have taken place with U.S. citizens or organizations.

The president reports that in their direct discussions, the foreign leader denied the well-documented intervention. He then meets with the leader of a foreign power at an internationally televised summit and raises no objection or question when his counterpart repeats the denial. Instead, stressing that the foreign leader “feels strongly” about the falseness of the accusations, he suggests that he sees no reason to accept the findings of American intelligence officials rather than the foreign leader’s denials. The president then reiterates that the inquiry into the electoral interventions is “ridiculous” and a “disaster for the country.” On the eve of this meeting, he had delivered this same message to the American public in a tweet.

The argument that a president is not subject to impeachment for this pattern of conduct is hard to fathom.

Canadian Diplomat Suggests U.S. Allies Respond To Tariffs With Targeted Sanctions On Trump

Tired of trade wars? One of Canada's former diplomats is suggesting that the EU flip the Magnitski Act on its backside by placing very targeted fees on the Orange Maggot.

I propose that instead of taxing the import of American serviettes, we tax Trump. In the spirit of the Magnitsky Act, Canada and the western allies come together to collectively pressure the only pain point that matters to this President: his family and their assets. This could take the form of special taxation on their current operations, freezing of assets, or even sanctions against senior staff. Canada could add a tax to Trump properties equal to any tariff unilaterally imposed by Washington. The European Union could revoke any travel visas for senior staff in the Trump organization. And the United Kingdom could temporarily close his golf course.


He's got a great idea. One the Mango Molester might even be able to understand.

Edited to add a link to the original editorial.

Can we mark ONION posts please?

That fine line between sarcasm and reality is getting too narrow. Could we agree to start all Onion posts with ONION: please?

I love seeing their stuff, really. But reality is getting too close to sarcasm IMO. Could we mark it as such just to save us old timers from an occasional coronary? Please?
Thank you.

Today's great diversion

The wife and I went to see Deadpool 2 today. It was great! We both laughed our way through it and enjoyed the whole thing. I completely forgot about how fucked up or world is right now, if only for two hours.

This is what Real Billionaires do

Today Jeff Bezos launched another Blue Horizin rocket and it was spectacular. Perfect landing too.

Elon Musk had been launching rockets as well.

Paul Allen and Richard Brandon have been focussed on reaching space too.

These guys will own the future. They have a vision that goes far beyond the current election. They will be remembered in history for their vision and foresight.

Another who says he is a billionaire has spent his money to become famous and powerful. He will be remembered in a very different light. Let this be a lesson to all who live for their ego.

Complaint filed with the FCC

I have filed a complaint today with the FCC about the state of our news outlets here in America.

In part:
Many TV networks and newspapers all say the same thing every day. It all begins with the same few words: "Trump" and "Twitter". No matter what, the story is that our president is an idiot who has offended yet another world leader, or group of children or some other group. Now I know that no self-respecting president would waste his time trying to make announcements on Twitter- that would be too juvenile. So it must be that the press is creating these fake stories to mislead us.

After all, every previous president has been very careful to have his words reviewed by a number of people in his cabinet. Certainly none of those pronouncements could be distilled into the 140 character limit of Twitter. So it must be that these reports are false. So please- do something about this. I'm tired of hearing how the president of this great country is a juvenile idiot with no knowledge of how government works. This simply cannot be the case.

I'm suck in the airport with this Trumpanzee...

We are both waiting for our plane home. I can hear him way down the hall expounding on "that Obama" and how Trump is so Superior. I'm starting to hunt through my luggage for an air sickness bag, thinking this will be a long Damn flight when I see him get in line for the Houston plane.

Of course, that makes sense. Now I can smile knowing this twit won't be on my flight from Taipei to Seattle.

How do people like that still exist?

I have my doubts about CNN

So I'm stuck over in Japan as the Doturd and his GOP lackeys further attempt to destroy our country. The headlines over here on CNN are all behind 45 and his awful ways. What you are seeing in the states is very different than what the rest of the world sees from CNN.

This pisses me off. Sorry for the language.

Moore says they are lying because they waited 40 years

Yet that is very normal for molestation victims, male and female. Look at what had happened with all the victims from the Catholic Church. Remember this when you go to the polls this week, and ask yourself if you are going to support a pedophile.

Where are the generals?

So where are those brave men in uniform who promised to keep Trump from doing stupid shit to our country. They seem to have placed their balls in the care of Putin just like the small handed vulgarian.
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