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Member since: Mon Oct 31, 2016, 08:09 PM
Number of posts: 9,479

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GEORGIA - may come down to razor thin margins

Morning Joe is reporting there's ~25K ballots left to be counted, and the Con's lead is ~18K. Assuming 75% (18,750) of these ballots go to Joe, it remains to be seen if GA will be a win for Joe. My guess is he may eek out a verrrrrryy slim victory.

MSNBC also mentioned the results are expected to be announced by noon today.

KAMALA - first Black/Asian VP (and female VP) of the United States!!

Folks, all focus has been on Joe, as it should be. But we haven't talked about Kamala last day or so.

Here's to Kamala, a great VP-elect!!

Wooohooo that horrid Wilco Sheriff Chody got his butt kicked yesterday by Officer Gleason

Chody is the guy who was in that Live PD show that resulted in the deaths of Javier Ambler & a couple other people. Gleason is a good good family man & a sensible cop.

Robert Chody* (Republican) 119,540
Mike Gleason (Democrat) 152,494

MSNBC is saying by 7pm today per GA's SoS they should have all votes counted & should have

results. They still have tens of thousands of votes to count.

Dear Lord please keep my blood pressure down

Joe is about to speak - per MSNBC

IL just went to Joe per MSNBC!!

NJ & NM goes to Joe per MSNBC!!

MN - Biden leads 57 to 40 per MSNBC, 46% reporting

Iowa - Biden leads 55 to 43 per MSNBC just now, with 55% reporting

Surprisingly that's a big lead

NYT just called CA for Biden!!


205 Biden to 112 the Con

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