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NYT: Democrats See a Blueprint in Fetterman's Victory in Pennsylvania


Did John Fetterman just show Democrats how to solve their white-working-class problem? Mr. Fetterman’s decisive victory in Pennsylvania’s Senate race — arguably Democrats’ biggest win of the midterms, flipping a Republican-held seat — was achieved in no small part because he did significantly better in counties dominated by white working-class voters compared with Joseph R. Biden Jr. in 2020.

These voters for years have been thought to be all but lost to Democrats, ever since Donald J. Trump turned out explosively high numbers of white voters in rural and exurban counties, especially in Pennsylvania and the northern Midwest. Mr. Biden recaptured Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin two years ago largely by drumming up support in the suburbs, while working-class white voters stuck with Mr. Trump. But Mr. Fetterman, with his tattoos and Carhartt wardrobe, and priorities like marijuana legalization, appears to have regained ground with the white working class — though whether he persuaded many Trump voters to back him, or whether he improved on Mr. Biden with the demographic in other ways, awaits more detailed data...

Mr. Fetterman’s biggest gains were in deep-red counties dominated by white working-class voters. He didn’t win these places outright, but he drove up the margins for a Democrat by 3, 4 or 5 points compared with Mr. Biden.
“Pennsylvania elections are about margins, and he cut into the margins Republicans had across the counties that they usually control,” said Christopher Borick, a political scientist and pollster at Muhlenberg College in Allentown, Pa. “He got a lot of looks from voters who aren’t very open to looking at Democrats right now.”

Thought-provoking article.

Why hasn't msnbc called for Tina Kotek's win in the OR governor's race?

NPR has a couple days ago: https://www.npr.org/2022/11/10/1134206147/oregon-governor-results-drazan-kotek-johnson

CNN Projection: Democrat Rep. Pat Ryan will win New York's 18th Congressional District


Democratic Rep. Pat Ryan will defeat Republican Colin Schmitt in New York's 18th Congressional District, CNN projects.
Democrats now have 189 of 218 seats needed to control the House, according to CNN's projections.

Please delete this if already posted but this is HUGE!! He was one of the NY House races listed as vulnerable. CONGRATS TO REP PAT RYAN!!

PEW: Democrats Hold Governorships, Make State Legislative Gains


Dispelling predictions of a red wave, Democrats seized complete control of the legislatures in Michigan and Minnesota, and held on to governorships in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, maintaining a bulwark against Republican-dominated legislatures in the latter two states.

Democrats also won historic victories in Maryland, where voters elected Wes Moore as the state’s first Black governor, and Massachusetts, where they chose Maura Healey as the state’s first openly gay governor. With those two victories, Democrats increased the number of states where they control the governor’s office and both legislative chambers to 18. Republicans had unified control of 23 states heading into yesterday’s election.

Congrats to Governors & amazing groundwork teams in MI, MN, PA, WI!!
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