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Member since: Sun Nov 6, 2016, 12:05 AM
Number of posts: 844

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The Age of Computer

The Age of Computer

In The Age of Computer
I'm with stupid
We're all with stupid.
The Russians have a puppet -
No, it's not a Zapruder
In The Age of Computer.
Just a haze of confusion
For your daily infusion
So much losing -
You'll get tired of losing
In The Age of Computer.
Fake news is fake
And facts are facts
But it takes two to tango
And your strength was never math
In The Age of Computer.
400 pound hackers
Rest comfortably in bed
CozyBear and FancyBear
Might be FozzyBear he said
In The Age of Computer.
Hillary's a satanist - Milkin' her tits -
And Podesta's risotto got blood n it
It's a secret, a secret!
Till Assange leaks it
In The Age of Computer.
We need a businessman for prez
But his business is his business
And confirmation bias is his brand
That, and tiny, grubby, grabby hands
In The Age of Computer.
The Alt-Right Sig Heils
To a shitty orange hairpiece
While the rest of the world, reviled
Wishes for a ctrl+Alt Delete to 2016
In The Age of Computer.

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