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Member since: Tue Dec 6, 2016, 10:49 AM
Number of posts: 4,588

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Pew Report: White Evangelical Protestants heavily favor Trump. Atheists heavily oppose.


Jesus has not issued a statement at the time of this posting.

Trump thinks that someone who uses a wheelchair is feeble and incapable.


Hitler and Mussolini probaby thought that too.

Fuck him. Just fuck him.

Well, I guess if Trump had appeared unwell at his rally, we would have heard about it by now.

Sumbitch dodged the bullet.

OK, I realize I'm way late to the party here, but...

...does anyone have any insight into why any political strategist would want the optics of a crowd in all-matching shirts and hats? It practically screams paid performers,

I dunno. Maybe if the shirts were brown.

Stephanopoulis just said, "Pence is the epitome of a number two."


You know, what Trump is doing makes an extreme sort of sense.

If he stays in WR through the whole course of the disease and survives, he still loses the presidency and his life is over. If he pretends to fight off the COVID and, in a one-in-a-million (billion?) shot actually fakes it until he makes it, he probably wins the presidency and goes down in history as the Aryan Ubermensch he believes himslf to be. In his royded-up brain that probably sounds like a good gamble.

I've been a skeptic about Trump's abstemious ways in the past, but...

...but, damn, he really does sound like someone stoned for the first time.

It's time for Biden, Harris, Pelosi, et al. to create a shadow government.

With Trump at the head, the Executive branch was dysfunctional. With him hospitalized, it's a random collection of idiots doing nothing but tear their hair.

There are people who would jump at the chance to lend their resources and their expertise to such an effort -- along with their reputation of not lying their asses off about every damn thing.

On edit: Actually that was a bit unfair. The leadership are the random collection of idiots.

If I were watching an ambulance hanging out in front of someone's house this long...

...my thinking would be that thet EMTs are struggling to get the patient stable enough to transport.

So, what does the Republican Party do now?

Actual election day is a month away. Voting has already started some places. Trump trailed in the polls before the double debacles of the debate and the announcement of his and Melania's positive tests.

The notion that the test results were false positives or that Trump's encounter with COVID would be asymptomatic have already left the building. Under the best possible circumstances, Trump will not be able to make public appearances for two weeks. Under less than the best circumstances, we all know the possibilities.

Do they cut their losses and 25th Amendment Trump now, leaving them with Pence as their standard-bearer? Do they short-circuit even the thinnest pretense of normal process and confirm ACB to the SCOTUS instantly and then turn around and have the SCOTUS crown Pence king? Or are they so far down the rabbit hole that they take it on faith that Trump will rise healthy and strong?

Or, I suppose, they could lose the theofascist fantasies that are slipping away anyway and just do what's right for the American people.


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