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Member since: Tue Dec 6, 2016, 10:49 AM
Number of posts: 5,514

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Considering the scale of the Southern Baptist sex abuse scandal...

...and their zeal for sweeping it all under the rug, isn't it likely that more than a few abortions resulted -- and some of those paid for by the abusers.

Is Putin's only move now to put Republicans back in charge of the U.S.?

If so, we need to prepare for 2016-on-steroids.

It has occured to me that a POTUS could outlaw abortion with an executive order....

...and this SCOTUS would uphold it.

Time to calm down about the leaked draft of the abortion decision.

The leak shows that the conservatives on SCOTUS were planning to do exactly what they said they would do in exactly the way we expected them to do it. It was going to be announced in June anyway.

Here's the real issue: will we Democrats seize this issue and use it to light a fire under our voters for the midterms? If we pass up this opportunity and just revert to "kitchen table issues", we're done and democracy is done.

I was a kid during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

I never had that feeling of impending doom after that -- until now. This Ukraine thing really could escalate into Armageddon, couldn't it?

At Tarrytown Music Hall, NY. Al Franken appearing in a few.

Could someone who's been following the Ottawa trucker protest minutely enlighten me?

If the truck tractors and trailers are just O-Os (owner operated), don't those owners have enormous financial and legal exposure? And if those are fleet tractors and/or trailers, don't the fleet owners have even more financial/legal exposure?

Makes me me wonder if the whole thing isn't a massive astroturf operation.

At this point, the truck owners should have reported them stolen.

If they haven't by now, they're complicit and should be at risk of having the trucks confiscated.

Is it possible liberal societies can't survive in the presence of unrestricted free speech.

I've been a free speech fanatic for as long as I can remember and I pretty much still am. I keep having this gnawing feeling that some real-life Hari Selden (Isaac Asimov's fictitious master psychohistorian) will be able to conclusively demonstrate that free speech in a technological society inevitably leads to a Fox News or a Facebook and the resulting tsunami of mendacity turns the society Fascist.

I really, really hope this is not so.

Just saw, "Don't Look Up."

Painfully spot on.
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