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Name: Caroline
Gender: Do not display
Member since: Sun Dec 18, 2016, 07:37 PM
Number of posts: 4,492

Journal Archives

Young people don't want their parents' stuff

I know DU skews older. So Boomers, think about this as you downsize.


Decluttering thread

I'm sure a lot of us are in the process of decluttering (mods move this if necessary) and this could be a support thread/motivation thread.

Any advice on what to do with old photo albums? These are not family photos (think college parties) and I have no need to keep these. I hate to just send them to the trash. (Note-- the people are no longer in my life).

I'm not counter protesting again

I've been to a lot of protests and marches since 45 took office (mostly in NYC). I'm very hungry to go to another. (Side note, I actually make money at these events as I sell pussyhats there). One I went to this spring was a counter protest in Philly and the antifa people in a way scared me (all black and hiding their identity).

I have made a decision that for my own safety, I'm not going to a counter protest. Even if I were to sell every pussyhat I have, the money would not be worth my safety.

I'm usually an opponent of facial recognition software

And I'm creeped out by it honestly. The last thing I want to do is for someone who sees me walking down the street to be able to pull up my social media, etc (moot point as I'm inactive on SM and my profile pic is a feline).

However, I really want someone to cross reference every Nazi at this rally against the top 10 online dating sites. The women (I doubt they're gay) who see their profiles need to know this.
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