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Name: Caroline
Gender: Do not display
Member since: Sun Dec 18, 2016, 07:37 PM
Number of posts: 4,492

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cross posted from Reddit

You are given $300 million to make a movie. Only catch is that it has to bomb at the box office or you and your loved ones die.

What do you make?

something really cool happened to me this weekend

As some of you know, I make and sell pussyhats (a few of you here have been customers of mine-- thank you) and this forum encouraged me to open an Etsy store with them.

Well on Saturday, I was at the NYC Women's March and I saw a mother/daughter pair wearing hats with a yarn I am very familiar with. I asked them where they got them and they mentioned an Etsy store. The daughter told me her first name and I recognized her as a customer of mine (I only had 1 transaction where I sold 2 of that hat to 1 person). She told me her experience was great and asked me for more cards.

It was such an awesome feeling seeing my work out in the wild.

Will Sarah Palin ever be relevant again

For years, I dressed as Sarah Palin for Halloween (2008-2014). Last time I did, nobody recognized what my costume was supposed to be.

I'm Kon-Mari-ing my closet and my SP costume is staring at me (red jacket, black pencil skirt). Should I send to back to the Goodwill that it came from?
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