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Member since: Wed Dec 21, 2016, 02:42 PM
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Do the MAGAts realize that their pick 'em ups and guns

are made of steel and/or aluminum? Bubba's not going to be happy if he can't afford that new deulie.

People on here should not be allowed to advocate for health care reform

unless they understand our healthcare delivery systems in much greater detail. Accountable care organizations, Medicare conditions of participation, MIPs, EHR, and all the rest. Details matter. The fact that people are dying without adequate healthcare is not relevant to the discussion.

And in case you miss it, this is aimed at the gunsplainers and this is

Suggestion for No. Virginia Dems...

Why don't you take a page out of the right's playbook and have people stand all day outside of the NRA's headquarters in Fairfax and shout:


Child killer!

At whoever goes in or out of the building?

THEY are politicizing the shooting.

While the right says we are trying to politicize the shooting for talking about gun restrictions now, they have just found a way to subtly politicize this shooting for the benefit of Trump. The Fox headline is "Did the FBI drop the ball?" Because of one YouTube comment made months ago on a national forum.

There you have it. A way to keep attacking the FBI and erode their credibility to protect Trump. It's almost ingenious of them, actually. Expect this to be the theme of the Fox coverage/Hannity rants/ Carlson babbles. Nunes will be opening an investigation in 3,2,...

It's a heartbreaking day here in So. Fla.

In that anyone who is a professional in Broward County knows people who live in the Coral Springs/Parkland area. It is an upscale area where lots of people live that are in my profession and the professions I serve. I have been hearing stories all day from parents, neighbors of parents, and even someone who has met the shooter.

It shakes the foundation we are on. But we also need to remember that it isn't only kids in the Columbines and Stoneman-Douglas High School that are victims. There are countless youthful victims of gun violence who don't get the thoughts and prayers of the politicians and community leaders and are forgotten as soon as they are shot:

Gun injuries and deaths among Florida kids have spiked. One child is shot every 17 hours:


i have spent the morning talking to parents of Douglas High students

who have kids that were on lock down, who tried to help fellow students from bleeding out, who know kids in critical care or worse. Now it is personal. I have been arguing for a ban on ARs and assault weapons all along and now I am seeing the gunsplainers on here start to appear.

No we don`t have to compensate owners of assault weapons if we ban them. That is NRA propaganda. No there is no need to allow for weapons of war in the civilian population and NO I DON`T WANT DEFENDERS OF OWNING AR15S AND OTHER ASSAULT WEAPONS IN THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY. Those people can go to hell.

Settling in to watch Wade's 1st game back with Heat

just feels right.
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