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Member since: Mon Jan 2, 2017, 12:26 PM
Number of posts: 2,531

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The member formerly known as kahuna.

Journal Archives

Civil Rights Activist Andrew Young Endorses Joe Biden


Huuuge!! Biden has already received over 5 million in donations since yesterday!!

Whoop whoop!


Bernie Sanders Gave Joe Biden High Praise...

when he thought he wasn't running in 2016.

New link added.

Nevada EmersonPolling (10/31-11/2)


New Emerson Primary Poll, Biden leads!

It's only by 2 pts, but they usually skew Bernie.


Biden live in Iowa, giving Foreign Policy address video

SNL does a send up of the Democratic Town Hall and how they

view the candidates. Funny stuff. I'm sorry, but I think they nailed them all.

Fox Poll on Biden vs. Warren only results....


17: If Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren were the only choices in the Democratic primary, how would you vote?

Joe Biden 53%
Elizabeth Warren 37%
(Wouldn’t vote) 3%
(Don’t know) 7%

Fighting Joe, Epic fight with Reagan SoS Schultz over the lack...

of support and action on the plight of black So Africans. Anyone who thinks that Joe isn't tough hasn't seen Biden in action when he gets going over things that actually do matter.


Nate Silver re: Harris' debate bounce...

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