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Member since: Mon Jan 9, 2017, 05:35 PM
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Senators basically advised to shut up and just accept any decisions when it comes to military action

This has probably been posted somewhere here already, but I'm posting it now just to make sure. Be sure to listen past the part where he kisses up to Trump. He's a republican and has to do that.

Something doesn't smell right

We are to believe that Iran posed a huge imminent threat, but yet the Iranian response to the assassination of their top general was to fire some rockets that didn't really hit anything?

All of a sudden in Trump's eyes we're even; and he doesn't have to respond. How convenient for Trump that he doesn't have to lose face by not responding after all his bluster. Yep, all good.

Call me a skeptic, but I'm wondering how much of a threat we were actually under to begin with. Certainly all of Iran's "evil" didn't exist in just one individual general.

Does anyone else think there's something suspicious about the way it's all supposedly "well" now?

Did Iran actually take credit for last night's attack that didn't do anything?

Trump has reduced the presidency down to the level of a World Wrestling Federation show

Trump rallies remind me of the WWF, where large crowds cheer smack talk and choreographed violence. How, as president, does Trump get away with reducing the presidency to this level? He's always giving some shit show rally with himself center stage spouting hate and division, and talking about how great he is.

To my knowledge no other president in history conducted hate filled rallies that were all about themselves.

Please go see the movie "Dark Waters" and take a neighbor

I'm afraid this important movie will quietly go away for lack of attendance. Our theater was nearly empty when my wife and I saw it over the weekend.

It's the true story of Robert Bilott's legal battle against DuPont when they polluted Parkersburg, West Virginia's water supply. Everyone needs to see it, especially any of your friends that might think corporations in America can do no wrong. This true story is proof that self- regulation will never work when it comes to corporations. It also shows how slow the process is to get a corporation to do the right thing.

What ever happened to the fat guy in his mother's basement?

Trump used to insist that we couldn't really know who hacked the DNC computer. Remember? He never wanted to get to the bottom of it, especially when our intelligence agencies said it was Russia. Trump always avoided the topic, even suggesting at one time that it could have been China. He welcomed and enjoyed the results of the hack, but disliked the way it supported the idea that he didn't win fair and square. Now, he claims he needed a public commitment to an investigation of it from the president of Ukraine. Something ain't right. Trump actually concerned about getting to the bottom of the DNC hack? It's Bull#@%t.

The defense of Trump is that he's the world's biggest victim

When you boil it all down just about every defense of Trump starts with the premise that he is a total victim of some mean person or organization. Everyone's out to get him. If it isn't "the deep state" it's the "never Trumpers". Or, it's the media and George Soros. Or, it's some woman "lying" to get money by accusing him of sexual impropriety. Or, it could be a whistle blower just lying to lie. According to his supporters, Trump deserves none of this because it has nothing to do with his behavior at all, it's just all made up out of hate for Trump, and nothing more. Most recently it's career diplomats that have suddenly jumped on the hate Trump band wagon, deciding to set aside lifetimes of decency and high ethical values just to start lying about him under oath in an impeachment inquiry. Poor Trump

Nunes needs to be called out on his lie that Schiff tried to get nude Photos of (yeach) Trump

If I remember correctly Schiff saw through the fake call, and didn't fall for anything.

Question- has Trump ever stated why exactly Yovanovitch was "bad news"?

I would think it to be an obvious question as to why he wanted her out. Has anyone ever answered this? Or, are Trump and the republicans just going to hide behind the whole "she serves at the pleasure of the president so he doesn't need to give a reason" line of not getting to any real answer?

Trump wanted to use Zelinski to hurt Biden in a court of public opinion

One of the main takeaways from Taylor's testimony yesterday is that Trump was more interested in hurting Biden than in investigating any corruption. If it was just about corruption, a private investigation would have been fine. In fact, a quiet investigation would have probably been easier and more effective to conduct. But no, Trump wanted it public. That way even if the investigation went nowhere and found no corruption, the damage would still have been done. This is very similar to the way an announced investigation into Hillary's emails less than 2 weeks before the election gave Trump an advantage over Clinton.
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