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Member since: Mon Jan 9, 2017, 05:35 PM
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Let's do the math

The Texas school shooter purchased his guns on May 18th.
Six days later he used one of those guns to attack and kill on May 24th.
The students that were shot that day only had 2 or 3 days left before school would have been out for the summer.

6 days between gun purchase and shootings + 3 days until the school would have been empty = 9 days

Conclusion: in this case a waiting period for gun purchase of only 10 days would have saved the lives of those children.

One simple thing that would have definitely, without question prevented the school shooting in Texas

That something would have been a simple waiting period!

The shooter literally bought the guns mere days before the shootings.

The kids were 2 days away from being on summer break. Even a short waiting period of a week would have prevented those kids from being shot in that school.

Tell it to the gun humpers that always claim nothing could have prevented it.

What if republicans put as much effort into solving real problems as they do fake ones?

We could have a great country. Instead of wasting time on things like CRT we could be working on real problems like school shootings.

Too many convince themselves the purpose of the 2nd is to be constantly on the verge of revolution

Think about how dangerous that notion is. I'm no constitutional scholar, but to me it's obvious the 2nd Amendment is about collectively defending the government the Founders had set up, and not about constantly prepping for it's overthrow.

The 2nd Amendment:

"A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not
be infringed."

Definition of terms:

Regulated Militia- an organized, well- prepared, fighting group that, in this case, is organized by a free state for security.
In other words, a militia is a collective working on behalf of the government of the free state.

Free State- a form of government where the governed rule

The people- the governed

You would think...

That since republicans want to convince us that school shootings are only about mental health, and not the availability of certain guns, that they would make mental health a strong platform so they could stop the school shootings.

Maybe gun manufacturers could help fund mental health, since so many people with mental health issues are making their products look bad.

The thing that pisses me off...

is that we can't have sensible gun control because there is a segment of the population that is convinced they need their guns so they can have a civil war against their own government someday.

How convenient for any foreign adversary that might want to take us down, a country full of armed nut- jobs living for the day they will be called on to turn their weapons against their own government and destroy their own country from within. Don't think for a minute that Russia and China don't recognize our nations civil war minded gun nuts as an asset.

These gun humpers have no clue what a "well regulated militia" is, and how The Founders would have meant for it to defend, not destroy, the republic they had set up.

These are the useful idiots that will end up losing more freedom than they will ever gain with their stupidity. They are mindless assholes that have no clue what actually happens after a coup, or how measures like martial law actually lead a nation closer to tyranny and not away from it.

It is this "we need to someday destroy the country to save it" mindset that keeps us from having sensible gun laws.

The part about the Cawthorn videos that bothers me is not what Cawthorn likes to do in them, but...

the way it seems someone, or group, had these videos ready to use against him the moment he pissed off the wrong people.

Think of the children and never vote for republicans

Children should grow up knowing that it is a good thing to tell the truth. They should know that lying is wrong. We as adults must teach by example. But, when it comes to the truth, Republicans set a bad example. They are bad for our future generations.

Case in point: Kevin McCarthy.

I am sick and tired of this spineless, lying sack of excrement. He continues to lie even after being proven a liar, and the media lets him get away with that stupid answer he's been giving about how he never asked TFG to resign.

Here's how I would interview a lying fart- hole like McCarthy:

Me- You are on an audio recording saying you wanted to ask TFG to resign. Why did you lie and say you had never said such a thing?

McCarthy- "I never asked Trump to resign."

Me- That's not the question, moron. We know you lost your courage to do the right thing and ask for his resignation. The question is
why are you such a lying sack of crap, period?

Well, that's my rant for the day. Have a good one everybody.

I am celebrating today

I brought my blood pressure down without medication!

My pressure had always been a little higher than it should have been, and getting higher with each check.

I had always heard that exercise, and diet can bring down blood pressure, but I had never given it a serious try until 3 months ago. At that point I made a vow that my blood pressure was not going to become a "subject of concern" at my next doctor visit.

Well, that visit was today, and my pressure was an astonishing 112 over 70!

The best part is it didn't really take that much. Along with avoiding extra sugar and salt, every day for 3 months I walked on a treadmill for 30 minutes at a setting of 3.00 miles per hour. I did this at my local YMCA, which is very reasonably priced for all the gym equipment they let you use. I only used a treadmill.

I could actually do this without a treadmill, but going to the gym allowed me to walk in all kinds of weather.

I'm posting this in case it may encourage someone to bring down their pressure.

To take it one step farther, I'm thinking about adding a Yoga class to my routine.

The way I look at it- the Jan 6 committee is working for We The People, not a political party

How long before Trump starts bragging that the "witch hunt Jan 6th committee" couldn't find anything on him or they would have referred his ass to the DOJ?

What is all this "it might look political" if there is a referral to the Justice Department? We have to let coup attempts go unpunished because it might "look" political? News flash: coups tend to be political! Those attempting them are the ones guilty of making it political not the ones investigating. We The People should be allowed to investigate and seek justice, without being accused of being political.

How to keep politics out of a referral? Stress the idea that no one is above the law and leave it at that.
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