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Member since: Mon Jan 9, 2017, 05:35 PM
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In this country crime pays if you've announced your candidacy for president

And, if you win office that pardon power sure can be handy too.

If Gym Jordon is so concerned about the FBI being "weaponized"...

why doesn't he have someone from the FBI in the hearings that can answer questions? Is it because the FBI can't talk about ongoing investigations? If so, it seems by design to be a one-sided hearing where Gym and his ilk can push whatever dangerous narrative they want. Sure seems like all they have are disgruntled employees that lost their security clearances by letting their personal politics and beliefs over Jan 6 get in the way of their duties.

Unlike the Rebukes, I think the FBI should be commended for investigating Trump

Right before the nation's eyes the Trump administration ended with an attempted coup, proving that Trump was a danger to the United States. Yet, instead of remembering that assault on our republic, capital R Republicans with their opinionated Durham report and disgruntled ex FBI Jan 6 sympathizers pretending to be whistleblowers are concerned that the FBI may have jumped too soon in opening an investigation into his campaign? Seems to me the FBI should be applauded for being on to Trump from the beginning. It also seems to me that Republicans should at least try to learn from recent history and reject the idea of a turd like Trump getting near the levers of power ever again. Just my thoughts. Everyone have a good day. They haven't totally destroyed this country yet.

Brave, smart and classy- E. Jean Carrol is my type

Apparently they don't always let you do it when you're a star

Thank you E. Jean Carrol!

Trump only has himself to blame

That deposition he gave was a doozy! The best part was you could see in his face how much he hated it.

Here's hoping we get to see and hear Trump questioned under oath more often in the not to distant future. Won't it be nice if we someday get to hear him answer for his attempted coup?

Thank you E. Jean Carrol for standing up against this creep.

As an observation- one of the most delusional republican claims ever

The republican claim that 70% of Democrats would have voted for Trump if social media had done more to spread their Hunter Biden laptop October surprise has to be one of the most delusional talking points in political history.

They actually claim this.

I'm not a lawyer so I have to ask:

Is there any kind of class action that can be taken against FOX for its lies?

My family has been torn apart and damaged by them. Our democracy has been harmed. They have truly helped to weaken this country.

If a gun nut starts quoting The Founders, always look up the context

People who interpret the 2nd Amendment as a license for armed insurrection like to cherry- pick quotes they think will somehow prove The Founders were in favor of everyone being constantly armed against their own government. They like to fantasize that the Founders often waxed poetically about guns, and how important they are to freedom.

One such quote attributed to Thomas Jefferson goes: "No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms".

This quote sounds very philosophical, as though Jefferson is equating freedom with the right to bear arms. That is until you realize the context is that of Jefferson's 1st draft proposal to the State Of Virginia's Constitution. In its actual context, this quote is literally saying gun rights for free men, and no gun rights for non-free men.

Ironically this particular Jefferson quote supports gun control for certain people: gun control for slaves (who will most likely be black), but no gun control for “free men” (who will most likely be white).

Let your gun nut friends know Jefferson supported gun control.

Trump did this to himself

It wasn't the Democrats. It wasn't the Left.
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