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Member since: Mon Jan 9, 2017, 04:35 PM
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How do you get the foxes out of the henhouse if they can fight subpoenas?

I think it should be a rule that no Congress person should be able to serve as a lawmaker if they are fighting a subpoena that has to do with getting to the bottom of an attack on Congress.

It doesn't make sense to allow people who are possibly trying to overthrow our government to keep working in government.

Nancy Pelosi did it?

I know Trump is a child, and Nancy knows how to handle children, but was it really her turn to watch him and make sure he didn't send a mob to the Capitol on Jan 6th ?

Something else that needs to be done along with the investigation into Jan 6

It's good to get to the truth behind the attack, but the "big lie" needs to be taken down too.

Trump is still repeating previously debunked election fraud accusations.

There needs to be an official debunking of all the false claims, and it needs to go in the record. It should be easy since everything Trump is spewing has already been found lacking.

Hey lurking Trumpers and republicans

It's on you. If the former guy destroys our democracy it will be because you enabled him. If we can't get the pandemic under control it will be because you took an anti-vaxer stance. Just sayin' because I'm sick of what you are doing to this country. Out.

When the investigation starts

will they be able to subpoena McCarthy?

There are so many important things to worry about, and we've got the right-wingers attacking Fauci

That is messed up! Are other countries attacking their health advisors over politics?

Facts about the Keystone Pipeline you'll never hear on the right-wing media

The narrative: "Joe Biden shut down the Keystone Pipeline"

The reality:

1) Biden did not shut down any of the existing Keystone Pipeline. Period. The Keystone Pipeline has been in full use since 2016,
bringing tar sands from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico.

2) No interruption of the existing pipeline's operation has been affected by any of Biden's actions.

3) Only the unbuilt, and highly controversial XL Extension of the pipeline was stopped by Biden.

4) The XL extension was having trouble being built because of many reasons, including resistance from the state and local level.

5) One of the main reasons the XL extension had trouble getting built was because it would go through environmentally sensitive

5) Fun fact they want you to not know -The pipeline was actually built during the Obama/Biden administration between 2010- 2016.

I quit

My mother, who swears up and down Trump never said anything inciteful before the insurrection, refuses to listen to the actual rally he gave.

I told her I'd send her a link to the video and we could discuss it. She said she won't watch it.

She's 90 years old, and used to be a critical thinking Liberal.

At one point in her life she actually worked on organizing local events during the Civil Rights Movement of the sixties. Now, she thinks "they" are indoctrinating our children with CRT.


Trying to tactfully expose racists that claim they are not racist

I know this is totally anecdotal, but please take it for what it is.

Lately, my work has put me in contact with a number of Trump supporters. As people, I have nothing against them and have actually enjoyed the chance to talk politics with a few of them.

When it comes to race relations there is one thing that many of them complain about. They complain that they are unfairly being labeled as racists.

So, as a the devil's advocate, I ask them how they would feel if Blacks and/or Hispanics were to ever become the majority in this country?

Again, this is totally anecdotal, but so far I haven't met a Trump supporter that would be totally OK with that. When they get over the initial impact of the question, their answers vary, but one thing is very apparent- race matters to them when it comes to what group is in the majority, and the idea of whites in the minority is not "American" to them.

My plan is to be nice and keep talking. The job I'm doing will last until the end of September and I want to keep it and get along with everyone else I'm working with. I am never going to call anyone a racist, but I fully intend to have them think a little about themselves.
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