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Profile Information

Name: Susan Austad
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Helena, Montana
Current location: Helena, Montana
Member since: Sun Jan 22, 2017, 10:45 AM
Number of posts: 3,513

About Me

My original user name was Delmette, but I could not remember my email password to sign up again. So I am Delmette2.0

Journal Archives

Corey Stapleton mucks it up again.

Remember when Corey Stapleton our Secretary of State told everyone using vote by mail to sign the ballot when he should have said sign the envelope. Well he is at again.


The official Montana voter information pamphlet many voters have received contains formatting errors. An addendum correcting them has now been mailed out at a total cost of more than $265,000.

Today, Stapleton’s Chief of Staff Christi Jacobsen said the information about Initiatives 185 and 186 in the pamphlet should have had proposed new language underlined, while language that was going to be eliminated should have been crossed out.

More at the link.

Kav doesn't like women questioning him, even Rachel Mitchell.

He can hardly look at her.

His outburst to SENATOR Feinstein is disgraceful. No one yells at a Senator during a meeting.

I need help from someone in Brooklyn, N.Y.

If you are close to or familiar with the Greenwood Cemetery, I need the burial records of two people.

My great grandmother was born in the 1850's and orphaned by age 3. Amazingly enough she must have been told by the orphanage who her parents were and I think I have found them at Greenwood.

I will repay the favor or pay it forward by research within a 100 miles of Helena, MT.

Tonight, Mansfield-Metcalf Dinner Keynote speaker Joe Biden!!

Tickets for the dinner sold out in less than 2 hours, three weeks ago. I'm with my sister at the overflow party waiting for the live stream. This restaurant is totally reserved for Montana Democrats, we are going to have a great evening.

Don't listen to Stapleton!


In an advertisement funded by his office using state dollars, Montana Secretary of State Corey Stapleton is urging Montanans who vote by mail to invalidate their votes by signing them. In a commercial that has run at least a few times including right before last week’s State of the Union address, Montana’s top election official tells Montana voters to “always remember to sign” their ballots.
This is terrible advice and, if followed, would likely lead to the vote being disqualified.

I have seen this PSA several times and didn't like it. I thought it was because of my dislike of Stapleton, but now I know I was trying to understand why the message is wrong.

Lewis & Clark County Candidates Forum.

LCDCC U.S. HOUSE CANDIDATE FORUM: Check out the recording of this event (with restored and improved audio!) at

L&C County Democrats hosted a Candidates Forum for the 5 wonderful Dems who any one of them could win against Gianforte.

The beginning is just audio but the video kicks in after a minute.

There is a DUer somewhere who inspired me to submit a question for the candidates. I tried to backtrack through all the posts I had read that morning, but I couldn't find my inspiration. The first question asked is from me and DU! " Name a regulation that the current administration has gotten rid of and tell us how it affects the people of Montana. "

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