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Delmette2.0's Journal
Delmette2.0's Journal
April 21, 2022

1969 I was high school sophomore.

The first day in Biology the new teacher asked us if we know what Biology was about. We didn't. He just said, Sex.
And we started with how amoeba procreate.

March 10, 2022

When I was in first grade the teacher didn't want me to be left handed.

My Mother already saw what my older brother went through when he favored his left hand and has to change. Mom told the teacher flat out that she was left handed and didn't see it to be a problem. I am still left handed.

Thirty years later my youngest son was going to be held back in first grade . Because 1. he started his zeros at the bottom instead of the top, 2. He couldn't skip, 3. He didn't play much with other children. I stopped her right there. Because I start my zeros and o's at the bottom because that is where my pencil is, my son also taught himself to ride a bike without training wheels just a few months prior and he did play well with other children. I told the teacher " He will be a leader not a follower.

We don't need to change our children. We need teachers who accept the difference in each child as good things.

P.S. I am still growing up and learning.

August 5, 2020

Just putting this out for your enjoyment

It's a link to a Lincoln Project on Steve Daines.
July 15, 2020

I just watched 45's "Breaking News" on MS13 arrests.

They showed a map that I thought indicated where most MS-13 activity and arrests happened, hence the Special Breaking news. After Barr spoke 45 started talking about Liberals and Democrats, Seattle and Portland. Washington and Oregon were not on the map!!!

I know I haven't had enough coffee to follow his disjointed rambling, can someone with more tolerance to his jubberish tell me I'm wrong.

P.S. why did he invite the press if he wouldn't take questions?!

Answer: it was all a distraction.

July 3, 2020

Is anyone on the Disney channel?

Is Hamilton streaming just for July 3rd or will it be on July 4?

I can watch at my son's house while he is camping for the weekend.

June 7, 2020

Netflex; 100 Humans

This series is intriguing and encourages you to see what they will do next.

For me, this ended far to soon. Season two?

March 19, 2020

A terrible yet funny coincidence.

I'm listening to the White House Press Conference and watced the market go from 270 ish all the way up into the 400's Then drop as different people, especially Pence, start talking. I got up to make a drink ( I know it's early) When I came back to the TV I was thinking about what a terrible job this Administration this is. The word impotent crossed my mind. When I came back to the TV Dow Jones was actually going negative for a few moments.

Coincidence, ESP or I understand more than I think I do?

February 19, 2020

My first visit with an oncologist. Good news.

Yesterday I had my first and hopefully last visit with an oncologist. The doctor said that the tumor had not gone through the intestinal wall (that's good), the lymph nodes were clear of cancer (that's good) and the two other polyps that were found were small and clear of cancer ( three for three). The tumor is being sent off for genetic screening and we will know the results in two weeks. I will need annual colonoscopies and CT scans for 3-5 years even if the genetic screening is normal.

The people in this group gave me wonderful advice for questions, love and support. I can't thank everyone enough!

February 10, 2020

A week ago I had a mass removed from my colon.

It's going to be another week+ for my first oncologist visit.
This is when I find out what stage I'm at (hopefully stage 2) and the recommended treatment.

I know I don't know enough to ask important questions, so I am hoping a few folks here can offer up suggestions.
Anything at all would be helpful. Thanks.

November 8, 2019

Watching the View, they put up part of Jeff Sessions campaign ad.

He said the he was there to serve the pResident's agenda not his own.

He is still wrong. The Attorney General serves the American public and the constitution.

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