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Gender: Male
Current location: I live in a trump supporting community 2 bars 1 vfw so beer therapy is available
Member since: Sun Jan 29, 2017, 09:28 PM
Number of posts: 6,667

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The boog

Journal Archives

Staycation here at teb porchviile. I told grandson's keep basting your uncle the chocolate lab

Keep pouring water on your furry uncle I tell grandsons as theyre in wading pool big chocolate head loving it. Boogs like oh kids that feels great pouring buckets of water on me ok Kids grab hose spray me. I told my wife boog should be well done by 2024. With grandsons basting him I may have get seasoning.

My point is boog hates baths like when he would get sprayed by skunk It is boog abuse to clean him up bath or after skunk spray . Water is to drink and hes a water dog. But its cool to lounge in pool with my nephews man uncle boog what a jerk dog.

No Long Beach island or cape May this year this week is vacation at porchville.

Google a coal cracker in the kitchen great recipes

For recipe like grandma used make when she was drinking vodka.I just stumbled upon it. And am thinking of making the stuffed pepper soup Wednesday.


Went to a military work out with my wife this morning I find humor

I love making my wife smile. I have been working out since 1984 when I hit fort soon to be renamed Benning. The problem in the car on way home I told my dear wife they were just to dam nice. I said our Drill sgt s were Richard Simmons on steroid. And it was kind of weird they wanted the class to address them as sir. I raised my hand and asked what branch any of them served in. Answer was never served on any capacity. Ok no big deal.

So were socially distanced doing push-ups and I walk over to my wife. As shes doing push-ups Im using my hands to get near her. And she starts laughing and I say you eye fucking me recruit. And shes giggling then doing jumping jacks I jumped and jacked around her. In the car I said look if they wanna make it realistic we need at least.
5 sets of 30 pushups
5 sets of 30 mountain climbers
And after your arms are jello hit the monkey bars
And then give me 5 pull ups.
Then will go on a 3 mile run and finish up at the monkey bars.
In car she told me I cannot take you back I think you scared the instructors. After they would tell class to shake it out at times I do what Id do in army I run around in humor. Doing thumb aerobics for support of the profile troops.

You know what it was a great morning with my wife. I made her laugh In these shitty times. we been together 34 years and I love her so much.

Dog love it's 95 out to hot for furry boys to lay in yard air conditioning is on

So Im laying on sectional reading and golden retriever and chocolate menace are lonely. A dog at my head and one at my feet. I have air conditioning at 68 ok man will cuddle. Never alone around here especially with the sweet furry boys. They make me smile furry cuddles and it probably helped I just had peanut butter and graham crackers man shares. I tell em your older vet says you are a bit overweight so not one word to vet guy on snacks.

We used snort coke now it's zicam we used drink now we have cold coke humor in sobriety

Shooting breeze with close friend who is well were always in recovery were both sober as we try. My friend sitting here earlier spent decades in Fed system incarcerated. My friend is hurting as he had to cut loose a nice woman he met. And I met her and she is a nice woman she chose to go back to using and my friend chose sober over relationship. I do hope the best for her. I do care for her booze heroin meth does run your life In moment of using. She is sweet human.

My friend We grew up together in western Pennsylvania were same age 54. We knew each other since kindergarten he grew up in very dysfunctional family. My family was not far off booze anger was part of day. We had a nice visit I wish him well.

Boog chocolate lab needs a lounge chair to sunbathe

My wife and Our daughters sunbathing today. My wife asked me if I could put suntan lotion on her back. And in backyard is our three grown daughters and my wife in lounge chairs and a chocolate lump in the fifth chair his sisters put a chair out for their furry brother .

Boog was Laying on his side I walked up and I got a wag wag. Hey man Im hanging with my lady and my sisters. Man you have coconut scented sun tan lotion for the lady your wife my lady. Do you have any sun tan lotion scented pizza or hamberders for me. He is such a load as I sat on lounge chair and rubbed his muzzle. I love him so much he is a original load.

My letter to pat toomey and my Congress rep Scott perry

On the bounty on are military.

Dear coward Ive noticed your position on the kremlin bounty on our troops


Told a trump supporter My neighbor

This is fuckery bounty on our men and women. As a vet they are my people I identify with them. Theyre part of our military they give themselves and are part of something bigger than their individual selves duty honor country. Love for each of your rifle company plt brothers. And for once Id wish trumpig would collude with America. And I told him you belong to the traitors that still support him. He still borrowed weed trimmer line and walked away.

International brotherhood of furry moochers local 3

Sometimes it is local #2 today the Newfie is here so its local # 3. These union members are very vocal. Reason bagels cream cheese cinnamon buns and two quiches on the breakfast bar. Now two members are pensioners the Golden retriever hes 12 and the chocolate lab hes 10. The Newfie is 5 Im getting a lot of trash barking woofs and yap yaps, the yap is the golden. Come on man hook us up you are always down with union labor. Teamster dad Man.

Im clearly the business agent / arbitrator in the grievance hearing and in this Furry union . And my wife is management. The vet said the golden and chocolate lab were 20 pounds overweight. I countered with its not there fault its quarantined weight / humans snacking. And that snacking is prior practice.

Question on weather

A question here in Pennsylvania these last several years. It seems to me that winters have become less severe. Then of late summer storms come building and thunder and lightning and strong winds now are really violent. And they just seem more intense summer storms. Than what we used to have. Has anyone else noticed this Im 54 just seems different today the weather in intensity.
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