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Gender: Do not display
Hometown: South of Texas
Member since: Sun Mar 5, 2017, 10:33 PM
Number of posts: 1,852

Journal Archives

I am conflicted!

I mostly only say s***! if I stub my toe or bang an elbow.
I was over 35 before I ever said the fuck-word..I made up for lost time during the *years. During the Obama years, I seldom said the fuck-word.That was nice. 💖 I have been saying the fuck-word ALOT since November.
I'm conflicted, but God knows I cuss, and He's ok with it.
I believe sometimes God cries & cusses, too.

Watching PBS war shows for the past 2 nights..

Comparing today to those days ..

#1) propaganda remains the same
#2) PEACE activists.. ! ..then & now!
#3) racism & prejudice.. fight over seas, for rights you can't have in the US.
#4) Women! for PEACE & JUSTICE!

We've been through worse.. & survived.
We haven't learned a freakin thing.
This is trippin all my triggers,
I'm an Iraq Vet's mama.
Please say Prayers, if You pray,
& call, email, protest, NOW.

Did DU get the upgrade last week?

Did it go ok? I never noticed any down time,& with all the misadventures, I was a bit anxious.
I did get an alert that my phone got a virus, seems ok,now, but reminded me of last week's DU security upgrade. Thanks, admins, for looking out for us!

'Preview' posts, & the SPELL check.

I have to give the spell check the benefit of the doubt, cuz I do have this accent, I write the way I talk,& sometimes I talk funny.
But here's the dang deal:
If I preview a post before posting, I seldom have a 'spelling' issue. .but posting without doin' the preview almost ALWAYS has some weirdo freakin auto correct bs in my post.
Is it ME?
Is it the spell check anti southern discrimination?
thanks in advance for Your assistance.

I have been searching for an npr story for hours..

No computer, just my smartphone, and no luck.
Here's the deal :
Today's "morning edition" gave a 'teaser'/blurb, advertising a report coming up in"the next hour"..
My memory -not so great some times- they said 1,000's of missing Black and Latina Girls & Women. ..I hate to post with out FACTS.. but I was shocked/devastated, stopped in my tracks, to grieve & pray for this situation. ..I THINK I heard npr say 6,000 this year ! across US/ various cities.
I had to catch my bus, to my new crappy job full of trumpers, but this lay heavy on my Heart all day.
Finally got Home, & this story about 500 DC Women & Girls. That is horrific enough. But I know it's worse. The fact I can't find the npr story is making me feel crazy. I'll take crazy if it means there are NOT 1,000's of missing Women & Girls.
Any help finding the npr report would be sadly appreciated.
And Prayers, Thoughts for the Missing& their loved ones please, & support for elected representatives, & LEO, involved in resolving this.

I need some HELP.

I can't find the Lil blue WooHoo smiley.
Where'd it go???
I need it, bad!
I mean BAD.

I am lovin the hearing today!

ps.thanks for guidance on this issue.

Anybody here celebrate Vernal Equinox?

For most of my adult life, I spent Spring & Fall Equinox , in fasting & meditation for 3 days. It was cleansing & grounding & profound.
Had some serious Visions & inSights. Took a lot of preparation, MindFULL ness. Not to be taken lightly.
I feel a great NEED to begin this practice again. I have to 'bulk up' 1ST, get some weight on. Maybe I can get mySelf ready by Solstice.
I will be on the Beach in the Morning, & will send Prayers & Blessings on the Waves.

Spring Blessings, Ever'body! Rejoice!

Hosting a DU dinner party..!

..who would You invite? How's come?
& what's on the menu?

Shenmue, cuz I love her smiles & love for critters

Malaise, the DU weather-goddess of funky posts

Pinboy3niner, we all need puns from a sweeetie

California Peggy, because she enCourages ever'one, and she's California Peggy

DFW, World Traveler, DU's James Bond & can tell personal OBAMA anecdotes (among others!)

TatorGuy, cuz he keeps things.. interestin

Skittles, cuz ever' dinner party needs ass kickin'

NightWatcher, has great stories & a..*unique*..

Menu? Pot luck. I'll have plenty o' hot sauce.
& I bake some serious PIES.
BYO whatevers.
And please forgive me if You aren't in on this 1st dinner..I'm new at this, it may be a mess.

Oops, I went off on a tear. .

Meant to say, there are endless 'recent events', just about every day the less than 2 months( ! ) have proven how ugly, heart-less, STUPID, their 'policies' are. I get overwhelmed. & deal with obnoxious, despicable, In-my-face trumpers, every day. Yesterday was rough. Today only sucked.


Just yesterday,I had to bite my tongue, when my 'boss', & a visitor got into this big obnoxious repubiker BS discussion...
**matter o' fact, I NEED to journal about the workplace-bullcrap I'm dealing with!
Anyways.. boss a Nam Vet TRUMP Freak,
Visitor Active duty, Navy, I give him a discount, mention I'm the mom of a Veteran, he asked what branch..
& insults my Son for HIS Service. Wth.
Then trumper-boss & visitor get into convo about how much better it's gonna be now, cuz military gets what they deserve when Republikers in office, better pay, etc!!!
'Bout lost my damn Mind.
I SO wanted to remind these 2 that Congress has the power of the purse, we had a republiker Congress 7+ years..! Not to mention, the immoral wars repubikers get us into..
And these 2 did this weird pumping each other up on their screwed up opinions & ignorance & hate-FULL ness. Freaked me the hell out.
I am new on this j-o-b.
I am already looking for a new one.
I won't sit still for this nonsense for long.
I get fired up. . a handy-dandy 'list' would be helpful, but Imma gonna kick some ass at the new j-o-b. I have NEVER had a service member disparage the SERVICE of a Veteran, to his Mama's face.
Broke my Heart, pissed me off. It's ON.
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