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Member since: Sat Mar 11, 2017, 09:31 PM
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Prince..."Purple Rain" instrumental

Mind blowing....wtf? 🤯

Just when I thought I had seen everything hypocritical, egotistical, ignorant and completely moronic.....

Remind you of anyone?

Permission slip for protesters.....

My Facebook response to "Freedom" rally next Saturday in Madison, WI....

To anyone out there that is even remotely thinking of attending the ďFreedom rally to Reopen WisconsinĒ in Madison next Saturday (4-24) please donít.....as of today Dane County has 358 confirmed cases of Covid 19 (up 9.4% since last week, and 16 deaths (up 33.3% since last week) and WI has a 5% fatality rate. We donít need or want you down here. But if youíre intent on exercising your ďConstitutional right to protestĒ then by all means come down, mingle with asymptomatic people and take that virus back up North with you. Iím sure your loved ones will appreciate your sacrifice, especially if you pass it on to them....#saferathomesaveslives, #thelifeyousavemaybealovedones, #flattenthecurve

Marching to "open up" your state?

Go for it! Just sign legally binding waivers that:

1. You will refuse any medical help or intervention should you contract Covid-19;
2. You will pay out of your own pockets for any costs you precipitate if you contract Covid-19;
3. You will be financially responsible for anyone who contracts Covid-19 from you.
4. You can be brought up on manslaughter charges should someone you infected dies.

Do that and you can get back to work, open businesses and exercise your ďfreedomsĒ.

4 white deer seen outside WI town. 1 is rare enough, but 4? Cool!

Wisconsin Rapids, WI

Here's an appropriate Covid analogy.....

The curve is flattening, we can start lifting restrictions now=The parachute has slowed our rate of descent, we can take it off now....

My thoughts on Michigan tonight....

Iíve spent the past bit being pretty frustrated at the Lansing protest then frustration really just turned into disappointment. Itís not a matter of your rights being taken away, itís a matter thatís beyond yourself. The moment we can recognize that this pandemic is about the person next to you the sooner we can regain a sense of normalcy. When we realize this isnít about your garden, your boat, your boredom, or your paycheck...but itís about your mom, your dad, your child, your siblings, your spouse, your neighbor, your grandparents, your co-worker, or the stranger at the grocery store.

I know it doesnít seem fair that someone has the right to tell you what you can and cannot do right now, but itís not with ill intentions. These actions put in place ARE working.

However, hereís what I think is unfair...

Dying alone is unfair.

Not having visitors at the hospital is unfair.

Saying goodbye to a loved one via FaceTime is unfair.

Doing your best to social distance, while people just donít care. Thatís unfair.

Beating COVID, only to learn your loved one was also intubated, but they didnít make it. Thatís unfair.

Itís unfair but thatís life right now.

All healthcare workers are strong, but theyíre also terrified. Itís scary to watch this day in and day out. Itís scary to live in a world with this happening, yet thousands of people are protesting outside their cars - when all we asked was for people to stay home. I understand having our normalcy taken away is frustrating, but remember, you need to be alive first to have normalcy.

Thank you Michigan protesters for a big slap in the face to your healthcare workers. I hope they donít see you in the ICU next week. 😞

WI Gov Evers extends "safer at home" orders.....

The Safer At Home has been extended til May 26th in Wisconsin. The debate of ďWe have to open and get the economy going again!!Ē vs. ďNO, NO..Stay at Home!!Ē will now ramp up like Evil Knevel trying to jump the Grand Canyon..not looking forward to this.....

If I wanted a check signed by trump,

I would have become a porn star....
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