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This is reality in the Wild West, folks!

My Day: Educating future nurses by standing in a tent all
Day, giving flu shots through car windows as others swab people for covid... 40 degrees, wind whipping by, no sun, only warmth is car exhaust. Thankful for plastic PPE and gloves and shields to give us protection from all the people who are so ill.. trying to explain how to provide culturally competent care through so many barriers both physical and mental to our future nurses. Many patients in these cars are so sick, they are in tears just waiting their turn.. some of the cars are so packed we have to ask them to step out to be swabbed or to receive their flu shot, which requires them to expose their arm to the bitter cold.

THIS is just the start of harsh weather and our numbers in WI are getting worse everyday. HOW much more of this can we healthcare workers withstand. We are the lucky ones, We test them, and send them on their way. At this point they are Alive. Thats where their journey and the next step of this process begins.

Every one of us is frozen to the bone, working in horrid conditions to serve our communities. If someone had told me even a year ago this would be the new reality I would have laughed.

It is utterly shameful, discraceful and disgusting that there are many who believe this is a hoax. I hold our President fully responsible for what we are living each day. Those of you who CHOOSE to make a joke of a mask, social distancing and make choices because you have the “right to live your life” are just as bad as our mentally ill President. Sleep well, cause one day it will be someone you love who is JUST THE 1% who didn’t survive.

*coped with permission from a text group representing Wisconsin

He said he may have to leave the country when is defeated,

WELL here is Lady Liberty giving him the help he needs!

A psalm for the cult of covidiots!

Great posting from Minocqua Brewery....WTFU Wisconsin!

It has been a sad week in Northern Wisconsin and around the state. Many of us are first starting to hear about people we know dying from Covid, or people dying on a nightly basis in our healthcare facilities.

Before this, it was mainly theoretical. Yes, the numbers, over 200K dead from Covid in America, were astonishing, but were they really real? Wisconsin didn't seem to have it that bad all summer, so were the stats really true?

Hopefully for those who were hesitant to believe the reports from main stream media will start believing them now. It's heartbreaking that is has taken the actual deaths of our neighbors to convince some people up here to take this seriously.

Unfortunately, much of our community STILL doesn't believe that Covid is deadly.

It's surreal. It's truly surreal that faced with the deaths of our neighbors, businesses and customers are still throwing caution to the wind and thumbing their nose at simple things like wearing masks to protect their neighbors.

It is simply surreal that our law enforcement up here, after swearing oaths to protect and serve, refuse to enforce Governor Evers' mask mandate, in the face of actual death from Covid. Even if they issued a few fines, a great many more people would probably get on board.

History books will show that Wisconsin's Republican politicians who sued our Governor every time he tried to protect our citizens put us in more danger than at any other time in our state's history. Moreover our Republican leaders have overseen the biggest misinformation campaign in Wisconsin's history, which has ultimately pitted neighbor against neighbor on stupid things like mask wearing, and now is leading to unnecessary death.

Since it is literally the wild west up here, and no politicians nor law enforcement care to help their constituents, we asked our fans to provide feedback on what businesses were both doing great at following safety protocols and who were not. Of course its not our job to police our community, but Jesus, no one else is taking the lead so we thought we could at least provide information to potential customers up here on places that seemed safe and places that seemed unsafe based on your feedback.

Yes we were called at best, tattletales, at worst, Nazis. We can take it. People are dying, this is much bigger than supporting ALL local small businesses, this is about caring for the health of our neighbors.

What do we hope achieve here?

First, the businesses practicing great safety should be rewarded. Please frequent them and give them your business.

Second, we're hoping the businesses that people mentioned were unsafe will remind them that they are part of a community that depends on them to do the right thing so people don't get sick.

Who are we to suggest we are the appropriate platform for this? We aren't, but no one else is doing it. We've heard about some amazing Platforms coming out of Portage County showing the safe businesses, and that these platforms are gaining traction. We hope someone in our community can run with this and do something similar. Hopefully there is already something up here and we don't even know about it.

So here's our list and a few pictures sent to us. Be safe everyone, and hopefully we can get over this with a vaccine soon and start to heal as communities. Please know that this is by no means exhaustive or scientific. It is just feedback from the responses we got on a post we made several days ago.

List of Local Biz good at Covid safety standards, including Mask wearing, social distancing, and limited restaurant capacity

Kobe Sushi—Minocqua
El Tarasco—Minocqua
Great Northern Coffee House—Minocqua
Pukall Lumber—Minocqua
Placid Inn--Lac du Flambeau
Woods Cafe--Woodruff
Hunan Chinese—Woodruff
Aqualand Alehouse—Boulder Junction
Bath and Body Works—Rhinelander
Bonnie’s Lakeside—Three Lakes
Pike’s Pine Isle—Three Lakes

List of local biz generally not enforcing mask wearing among customers and/or Employees, or otherwise not practicing Covid safety standards

Thirsty Whale—Minocqua
Trigs Floral—Minocqua
Minocqua Pizza Company—Minocqua
Golden Harvest—Rhinelander
Shell Station K and 47—Rhinelander
Shell Station—St. Germaine
Bitters + Bulls—Lake Tomahawk
Lizzies Tamarack Tap
Northfork Fin and Filet—Arbor Vitae
Lumpy’s Bar and Grill—Eagle River
Eagle Lanes—Eagle River
Friendship—Eagle River

*taken from their Facebook page with permission

Covid in a can.

Attendees of trumps Janesville, WI rally Today to take shuttle buses.


And this is why we can't have nice things in Wisconsin!

This maskhole makes my hair hurt!!

So I'm going to do this....

I want to be present for the ballot counting....watch what actually goes down and with eagle eyes!

“So help me God!“


Imagine for a moment....

“Imagine for a moment that your family and your neighbors go to the movie theater to see the latest blockbuster. During the beginning of the movie you smell smoke and the manager of the theater comes in and makes an announcement that there was a little fire but there is nothing to be concerned about, it will all magically disappear and you can go ahead and enjoy the movie. Then you see some flames flare up and again the manager says it’s just a small fire it’s not like it’s a big fire and you should just go ahead and watch the movie. You think of all the things you were told by firefighters on what to do when there’s a fire so you decide you’re going to take your family and leave; you tell your neighbors to do the same. However, they decline saying you’re overreacting and that the manager said there’s nothing to worry about. You get outside and see the theater is now engulfed in flames and the manager is across the street watching the theater burn to the ground with your neighbors inside. You ask why he didn’t tell everyone to take precautions and exit the theater? The manager says, “I wanted to always play it down, I still like playing it down, because I don’t want to create a panic”
tRump is the manager. The theater is our country and the fire is COVID-19.
tRump failed us.
So this former Republican is voting for Joe Biden!” 🇺🇸

“Copied with permission from Facebook”

"Under His eye. Blessed be the fruit."

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